About iGotOffer

“Oh! I was in hurry” is always your reaction when you reach home after buying and selling your things of daily use. You are never satisfied. You always dream of a better bargain but it’s never possible in the physical market because of so much to do in a little time at your disposal. Have you ever thought you can do that while reposing in front of your PC or playing with your smartphone? Yes the modern technology has made it possible.

We buy used iPhone, iPad, MacBook’s, the whole process is pretty simple, you signup answer few simple questions which help us to estimate the value of your device, then you ship it to our premises which is provided after filling the form and after reviewing your shipped items at our in house labs we will update you about our analysis and if everything is as it was stated during form filling process, we move to next stage i.e. deciding about modes of payments, we offer Check, Amazon gift card and of course the famous PayPal. It can take up to 7-10 days to receive the payment from us.

We igotoffer.com buys used iPhones, iPads and other products of Apple. Our deals are transparent, and customers could  instantly see how much they are going to be paid. Unlike other company, iGorOffer provides fully insured shipping labels and customers are guaranteed the safety of capital even if shipping package would be lost. New York City approved iGotOffer by issuing second hand dealer license.

You just open the page, choose your products, discuss with your spouse, girlfriend or kids and select with the sureness of correct decision. If you make a wrong choice, we are here to turn it into right.