We’ll gladly answer any questions you may have about iGotOffer and the service we provide. If your question is not covered by our extensive FAQ section, please feel free to email us at support@IGotOffer.com and we’ll respond ASAP!

Q: I want to sell my Apple device, how is the whole process works?

A: First, get your free instant quote by finding your device on iGotOffer.com. Second, place an order, if you like the quote. We trust our customer and do not require serial number or picture to be sent, just choose the right item. Third, iGotOffer will send you prepaid shipping label. Please pack and ship your device to us. Finally, we issue payment as soon as the item is received and inspected.

Q: I want to sell my Mac but do not want to deal with shipping. Can you come and pick it up?

A: Absolutely, but the option is only available in five New Yok City's boroughs. Shipping Mac Pro or iMac could be a hassle and  iGotOffer will come and pick up your Mac free of charge. You even get paid at the time of pickup.

Q: How safe is the personal information that I submit through your site?

A: It is absolutely safe. iGotOffer is a professional organization that respects its clients’ privacy and never shares or sells any of your personal information.

Q: How long is my quote good for?

A: Your quote is valid for 14 days.

Q: What happens if the Mac I am selling you isn’t up to the quality I specified? Do you guys contact me or just send it back?

A: If your Mac arrives “not as described”, we’ll email you and tell you how it differs from your description. We’ll give you an updated quote based on the actual condition.  We always strive to be fair, and our customers usually agree with our revised quotes. However, if you are not satisfied, we will return the item to you, and we will pay for the return shipping.

Q: If I live outside the US, in Canada for example, can I still sell you my Mac, iPhone, or iPad?

A: Yes, absolutely; however, we should point out that we don’t cover international shipping expenses. So, yes, we’ll certainly purchase your item, but only if you’re willing to cover the shipping costs.  After you submit your request for a quote, and it is confirmed, we’ll email you a reference number to include with your shipment.  Leave the address field blank when submitting your quote request.

Q: There is a problem with my LCD on my laptop and I don't see an option for that on the iGotOffer page. What should I do?

A: If you have an issue that is not included on the configuration screen, please email us at support@IGotOffer.com, including a description of your machine along with photos and serial number, and we’ll get back to you with a custom quote.

Q: I'm worried that I will send my Mac/iPhone off and won’t get paid for it!

A: You will be safe to ship your beloved device to iGotOffer. We have been checked and approved by New York City. You can check our licence 

Don’t worry! We’ll send your money via check or Paypal payment the moment we’ve received and tested
your Mac/iPhone. iGotOffer is a legitimate company. We pay all our ustomers. 
Feel free to check out our customers’  testimonials.

Q: Am I guaranteed to receive the price that I’ve been quoted?
A: If you’ve described your item accurately, the answer is yes. However, if the computer or iPhone doesn’t match your original description we may have to email you a revised quote.

Q: I have the shipping label, but I haven't shipped the item yet and the date on the label is a week old. Can I still use it?
A: Yes, the label is valid anytime so UPS will accept it, no worries!

Q: Will you delete my contacts and photos when I sell you my iPhone?
A: Yes, we fully restore every iPhone we receive so there are no worries about your data or contacts getting into someone else’s hands. We would never allow your information to be shared with anyone.

Q: We loved using IGotOffer. What's next?
A: Please tell everyone about our service. We’ll give you a $20 credit for every referral that you send us that buys a Mac or an iPhone!

Q: I am outside the US, can I still sell you my item?
A: Yes, we accept items from around the worldwide, but we only pay for shipping within the US. If you pay for the shipping we’ll certainly purchase your item.

Q: I have multiple items to sell, what should I do?
A: Please submit multiple requests through the iGotOffer page so that we have all the info on each individual item.

Q: My item is broken, will you still buy it?
A: Yes, because we buy Macs and iPhones for parts. Please fill in the relevant areas on the form (e.g. "does not power on", "water damage"). If your item’s faults are not covered on the form, please email us at 
quote@iGotOffer.com, with a description, specs, and photos , and we’ll prepare you a custom quote.

Q: My Mac has a lot of expensive software loaded on it, shouldn't it be worth more?
A: No, software is of no value to us as we completely wipe every computer we receive. Selling software without a valid license is illegal.

Q: How do I ship you my item?
A: We’ll email you a prepaid label for use in the US only. When you receive the label via email, just print it out. Pack up your item in its original box if you still have it, then pack that in another box. Taped on the prepaid label. Now you’re ready to drop it off at any Fedex office. We add your email address to Fedex updates, so you will receive email notification when the item ships and when we receive it. No need to email us to tell us that it has arrived; we’ll get in touch with you when it is checked in and again after it’s been tested.

Q: Is my item insured when I ship it to you?
A: Yes, we insure every shipment. Filing a claim can be a lengthy process, so please make sure you pack the item well. If the item is packed improperly, Fedex will not honor the claim, and we’ll have to revise our quote based on the condition your item is in when we receive it.

Q: How long will I have to wait before I receive payment?
A: It can take anywhere between 1 and 2 weeks depending on shipping time and the payment method you choose. Generally, after you ship your item,  it takes 2-5 days before we receive it. It then takes us 1-2 days to get it checked into the inventory and carry out the data wipe and an additional 1-2 days to test it out fully to confirm that it matches the description you sent with your original request for a quote. At this point, if you’ve chosen Paypal payment, you’ll receive it immediately. If you’ve requested payment by check, it usually takes 3-6 business days via USPS first class mail. We strive for the fastest turnaround to ensure that you’re paid as quickly as possible. If, under extremely rare circumstances, your item requires additional testing, or if any other issue arises, we’ll immediately send you notification via email.

Q: What payment methods do you offer?
A: Payment is via either Paypal or company check. Paypal is instant, but incurs a small 3% fee. Checks take about a week to be delivered by first class mail. If you’d like us to put all, or part, of your payment as credit towards an item that we have on sale, just ask!

Q: Do you offer overnight payment options?
A: Yes we do. Payment via Paypal is instant. If you want a check overnighted, we can guarantee overnight shipment of the check via Fedex Express overnight delivery, and we’ll deduct $25 from your payment to cover shipping.

Q: Why should we use IGotOffer rather than any other service?
A: We pay what we quote guaranteed!
Your payoff amount would be exactly what you see on website as long as you choose the right item condition. No faulty promises, simple, and straightforward.