iPad Special
Find iPad you wish to sell, let us know what condition it's in by answering a few questions.Please remember the rating "Flawless" applies only to items that appear and function as if they have never been used3. Finally, tell us of any accessories youíll be including with your item, then click on "continue".If you donít list your accessories (cases, charge pads, retail boxes, headphones, etc.) on the offer calculator, we will not purchase them, and they will be disposed of upon receipt.

If you like our offer, just click on "Checkout". From there, whether you go find another item to trade in, or simply check out, you're on your way.

As long as the item has some value, shipping is on us. For local qualified orders (electronic devices, valued at $200.00 or more), we'll even come to your place to pick them for free. In every case we email you a shipping label, packing slip and easy to follow instructions attached. Our offer is good for 15 days but the faster you send it in, the quicker you'll get paid. Please note:If the item you send is not in the condition you described online, you will be sent a revised offer.You'll then have a hold window of 5 days within which you may decline the new offer. If you do decline the offer, we'll ship your item back to you at our expense.