Local Pick Up
Fast and super easy as no shipping required compare to eBay. We can close the deal and get you paid in one day. 

Local pick up only available in Brooklyn, New Yourk  

Letís find out that How Local Pickup works?

1. You Visit iGotOffer.com

2. Choose your gadget on iGotOffer.com

3. Place a quote and choose local pick up at check out

4. While choosing local pick please make sure about credentials you provide.

5. Upon receiving we will quickly review your request.

6. iGotOffer representative will contact you to schedule time for pick up. We understand that you are busy and thus will contact you to schedule a time that is more convenient for you.

7. iGotOffer representative will come to your location to inspect, and pick up an item as well as deliver payment to you. Please be aware that some time may not be possible to test gadget at the spot, and it may require to brought to iGotOffer facility for further evaluation prior issuing check.

8. If the Item was picked up for further testing and stated condition confirmed payment will be issued in two business days.