Why iGotOffer

iGotOffer will pay you good money for all your new and used Apple devices. We’ll buy your iPhones, iPods, iPads, anything Apple with a little ‘i’ infront of it. And we’ll even pay you hansomly for your old Macs as well. So, you’ll get some extra cash to put towards a new model, or just to put in your pocket – and we’ll be doing our bit for the environment by finding good homes for your unwanted gadgets.

At iGotOffer, we appreciate the trust our clients place in us when sending their old devices. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously indeed. And we’re very pleased to report that our clients have nothing but praise for iGotOffer.

Our clients Trust us

Nine out of ten clients who have sold their old Apple devices to iGotOffer state that they had a top-notch encounter. 

It's easy, fast, and trouble-free

Getting a quote is quick and simple, and sending us your items is a cinch. On rare occasions, after receiving your item(s), our detailed physical examination may require us to revise our original offer. But fear not! If you’re not happy with our revised quote, we’ll deliver it to you for free. What’s more, after we’ve accepted your item, we’ll permanently delete any personal, private information that it may contained in order to ensure your privacy and peace of mind.