Apple TV Miscellanea

With Apple TV, apps have liberated television, letting users choose precisely what and when they want to watch. Built on a system called tvOS, Apple TV lets users interact with their TV in new ways. Indeed, users can just ask Siri to find the TV show or the movie the user is in the mood for. It’s also easy to turn the living room into a classroom, a game room or into a fitness studio or classroom, that’s Apple TV gives people access to the most riveting entertainment content providing extensive catalogs of hit movies, TV shows, original series, professional sports, breaking news, weather, fun stuff and educational programs for kids, music concerts, thousands of free podcasts on almost every topic imaginable.

Apple TV Miscellenea

tvOs and watchOS: tvOS and watchOS are based on iOS. They have inherited thus many of the accessibility features of iOS and macOS. They are compatible with Apple’s entire product line including the Apple Watch as a remote controller for the Apple TV.

TvOS Helps People with Impaired Vision: tvOS includes the Apple technologies of VoiceOver, Zoom, and Siri to help the blind and those with low vision. VoiceOver, Apple’s screen reader is available for more than 30 languages and enables visually impaired users to know what is on the visual display and input responses to on-screen prompts. VoiceOver gestures uses gestures that Apple users are already familiar with in other Apple Products making the Apple TV familiar to the disabled in a way akin to how Apple designs their products to have a fit and finish consistency across product lines be it familiarity with OS X on a Macintosh, watchOS on an Apple Watch, as well as those iOS operating system working on iPhones, iPads or iPods.


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