Apple Watch: Apple Pay

You make payments easily using Apple Watch. You can make contactless payment at payment terminal using Apple Pay, Apple’s mobile wallet and online payment service.

How to Use Apple Pay

Setting Up Apple Pay

You must set up Apple Pay for Apple Watch before you can use Apple Pay on the device. For this, use the Apple Watch app on iPhone. See Configure Passbook and Apple Pay for details.

Specifying Default Card

You can set up Apple Pay for Apple Watch with a single credit card or debit card. You can also use multiple cards. If you set up a single card, Apple Pay will use it as the payment source. However, if you use multiple cards, you can specify the default card by tapping Default Card on the Passbook & Apple Pay screen. Then tap the appopriate card on the Default Card screen.

Open Apple Pay on Apple Watch

Apple Watch provides a shortcut to opening Apple Pay quickly. To open Apple Pay, double-click the side button to go straight to the Apple Pay screen. This shortcut works even if the Apple Watch screen is turned off.

It is possible to access Apple Pay via the Home screen.

  • To perform the action, click the Digital Crown from the watch face to display the Home screen.
  • Tap Passbook & Apple Pay.
  • On the Passbook screen, tap Pay.

Select the Payment Card

After you open Apple Pay on Apple Watch, select the payment card you’ll use to make the payment. If only one card has been set, Apple Pay will use that card automatically. In this case you do not need to select it. If multiple cards have been added, swile left or right until the card you want to use appears on the screen.

Make the Payment

After you have chose the means of payment, you can pay by holding the face of Apple Watch to the contactless payment terminal.

Apple Watch will tap your wrist and beep to indicate that it has sent the payment information.

When the Done screen appears, tap the check mark.



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