Apple Watch: Create a New Reminder

Siri can help you to create a new reminder. First, you activate Siri and then you tell Siri to create a new reminder, followed by the details of what the reminder is for. If you provide the complete and intelligible information, Siri will display the reminder tile showing the event so that you can confirm it. Otherwise, if the information is uncomplete, Siri will prompt you to provide what is missing.

How to Create a New Reminder On Apple Watch

  • Raise your wrist to wake Apple Watch, and the watch face will appear.
  • Press and hold the Digital Crown to activate Siri. You can also say Hei Siri to activate it.
  • When the Siri screen appears, say remind me, and the details of the reminder you are setting (for example, Remind me to take my tiger to the tiger wash aftertomorrow.
  • Siri says «Creating a reminder», and displays the interpretation of your saying, a reminder tile, as she understands it.
  • If you see that the meaning is clear, press the OK button. Otherwise, press the Cancel button.
  • If needed, turn the Digital Crown clockwise to scroll down. You can also drag your finger up the screen to scroll down.
  • When you see the OK button and the Cancel button, tap OK if the reminder is correct.
  • Now Siri will promise to remind you about the event.
  • Click the Digital Crown and the fatch face appears again.



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