Apple Watch: Editing Health Data

Apple Watch nudges you to greater activity, to assure this, it monitors your weight, height, age and sex. The device needs all these data to get accurate readings for your Motion & Fitness tracking. This informaion is supplied when the user first runs the Activity app. The user can susequently change the information as needed by useing the Health screen in the Apple Watch app on iPhone.

How to Edit Your Health Data

  • On iPhone, press Home, and the Home screen will appear.
  • Tap Apple Watch and the Apple Watch app will open.
  • Tap My Watch, and he My Watch screen will appear.
  • Tap Health, and the Health screen will appear.
  • Now tap Edit, and the data opens for editing.
  • Tap the item you want to change, and the data for changing that info appears.
  • Turn the dial to set your new infoTap Done.
  • Tap My Watch, and the My Watch sreen appears again.



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