Apple Watch: Launch Apps, Switch Among Apps

The Home screen enables you to launch apps and switch among them easily. Users can install apps from the App store, control which apps appear on Apple Watch, rearrange the apps.

How to Launch Apps and Switch Among Them

  • Display the Home Screen.
  • Raise your wrist to wake Apple Watch.
  • When the watch face appears, click the Digital Crown.
  • The Home screen will appear.
  • Zoom Out and Pan Around the Apps.
  • Turn the Digital Crown clockwise. The Home screen will zoom out, enabling you to see all the icons and to locate the icon for the app you need.
  • Turn the Digital Crown counterclockwise, and the Home screen will zoom in.
  • Tap the screen and draw your finger down. The apps at the top of the cluster will appear.
  • Tap the screen and drag your finger across it in whichever direction you choose. Other apps appear.
  • Open an app by tapping its icon.
  • Tap the icon for the app you want to open.
  • The app you have selected will open.
  • Return to the Watch Face and launch Another App.
  • From within the app click the Digital Crown.
  • The watch face then will appear.
  • Click the Digital Crown again to display the Home screen.
  • Tap and drag to position the app you want to launch in the middle of the screen.
  • Turn the Digital Crown clockwise, and the app icon will expand.
  • As you turn the Digital Crown further, the app in the center opens.

Note: Double-clicking the Digital Crown from the watch face takes you back to the last app you were using. Double-clicking the Digital Crown from an app takes you back to the watch, making the same effect as single-clicking the Digital Crown from an app.

Uninstall an App on Apple Watch

You can use these steps to remove an app from your Apple Watch:

  • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap the My Watch tab.
  • Scroll to the app you want to remove, then tap it.
  • Turn off Show App on Apple Watch.

Open Favorite Apps from the Dock

With the Dock on your Apple Watch, you can quickly view up to 10 of your favorite apps. To open the Dock, press the side button. Swipe left or right to see your apps, then tap to open one.  The last app that you used appears automatically in the Dock under Recent. You can also add apps to the Dock:

Switch between apps using the Dock on your Apple Watch
With the Dock, you can easily switch between your favorite apps, control music on your Apple Watch or iPhone, and see your most recently used apps.

How to Switch Between Apps

To switch between ups, proceed as follows:

  • Press the side button to open the Dock.
  • Swipe left or right.
  • Tap to open an app. Or press the side button again to close the Dock.

The Dock shows up to ten of your favorite apps, plus Recent and Now Playing. Recent shows the last app that you used, and Now Playing appears when you listen to something on your Apple Watch or iPhone, like a podcast or music.

How to Manage the Dock from your Apple Watch

When you open the Dock on your Apple Watch, you can add your most recently used app or remove any app:

  • To add the last app that you used, open the Dock, swipe to Recent, wait, then tap Keep in Dock.
  • To remove an app from the Dock, swipe to it, swipe up, then tap Remove. When you listen to something, Now Playing automatically appears in the Dock even if you removed it.

You can also rearrange apps in the Dock:

  • Press the side button to open the Dock.
  • Swipe to the app that you want to move.
  • Touch and hold the app, then drag it left or right.

How to Manage Notifications

Your third-party apps will use the same notification settings as your iPhone. If you don’t want your Apple Watch to mirror the notification settings on your iPhone:

  • Open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone and tap the My Watch tab.
  • Tap Notifications, then scroll to the Mirror iPhone Alerts From section.
  • Find the app, then turn off the setting next to it.

How to Manage Complications

You can add complications to your watch face for some third-party apps. To see which complications you can use, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, tap the My Watch tab, then tap Complications.

To manage your complications, tap Edit, make your changes, then tap Done when you’re finished.

You can remove a complication by tapping Minus icon and then tapping Remove. Instead, you can add a complication by tapping Plus icon. Then go to your Apple Watch face and firmly press the display to customize your complications.

You can change the order by pressing and holding Rearrange icon. After that just drag and drop the complication.


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