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Working with iPhone, Apple Watch puts communications right on your wrist. You can make and receive phone calls, dictate texts, takes actions using Siri, send and receive messages and e-mails. You can also communicate with other Apple Watch users via digital touch.

Apple Watch Amazing Facts

Communicating With Apple Watch

  • Advertising Focused on Fashion: In comparison to other Apple products and competing smartwatches designed and developed by other companies, marketing of Apple Watch before it was launched was focused more on advertising the device as a fashion accessory. For example, a 12-page advertising spread for Apple Watch in an issue of Vogue focused on the different combinations of body and band styles available, and downplayed the technological aspects of it. However, Apple also underlined Apple Watch’s health and fitness-oriented features, as well as some useful features for wheelchair users and a new Breathe app.
  • iWatch and Apple Watch: Apple Watch was not branded as iWatch due to trademark conflicts. In the United States, the iWatch trademark is owned by OMG Electronics and the company was crowdfunding its own watch under this name. In the European Union, the name is owned by Irish firm Probendi.


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