Apple Watch: Reset Home Screen Layout

You can customize the layout of the Home screen to display the apps and suit the way you prefer. If you don’t like the layout you chose, you can reset the Home screen to its default layout, and start customizing the screen again from scratch.

Apple Watch: How to Reset the Home Screen Layout

  • Press Home on your iPhone.
  • When the Home screen appears, tap Apple Watch to open Apple Watch app.
  • Tap My Watch.
  • When the My Watch screen appears, tap General.
  • On the General screen, tap Reset.
  • On the Reset screen, tap Reset Home Screen Layout.
  • When you see a confirmation dialog box, tap Reset Home screen.
  • The icons on the Apple Watch will return to their default positions.

How to Rearrange Apps

Apple Watch arranges the icons for its built-in and added apps in a cluster on the Home screen. You may want to rearrange the apps into your preferred pattern, so that you can quickly launch the apps you most. It is possible to rearrange them by using the App Layout screen in the Apple Watch app on iPhone or by working directly on Apple Watch. The changes you make on the App Layout screen will appear almost instantly on Apple Watch:

On iPhone:

  • Press Home.
  • On the Home screen, press Apple Watch app.
  • Tap My Watch.
  • Tap App Layout.
  • Tap and hold the icon you want to move, and you’ll see that it becomes mobile.
  • Drag the icon to where you want it to appear, then release it.
  • Repeat the operation to move other icons.

On Apple Watch itself:

  • Click the Digital Crown.
  • When the Home screen displays, tap and hold the icon until the icons start to wiggle.
  • Tap and drag an icon to move it where needed.
  • Click the Digital Crown to end customizing the screen.

A Few Apps for Apple Watch

Slack: This app has become the go-to communication platform for tech and media businesses and start-ups. The iOS app provides a fully-featured Slack experience with file sharing, social media integration and powerful search and archiving features, while the Apple Watch app doesn’t. The app focuses on what you want a watch to do, which is to notify you only of the things you really need to know about. That means the same push notifications you’ve set for your iPhone, direct messaging and incorporating Handoff so you can move from watch to iOS without losing your train of thought.

Tweetbot 4: Mac and iOS Twitter client bar none. The developers have rightly assumed that if you have your phone to hand you won’t be using the watch instead, so they’ve concentrated on making an app for when you can’t or don’t want to pull your phone out of your pocket or purse. And that’s clever. The Activity pane shows you what’s happening in your feed, so if somebody’s followed you or replied to you or tweeted you then you’ll see it in Activity. Tapping on the item opens the appropriate tweet or user page, and with tweets you’ll see icons for a quick reply, a retweet or a like. If the user pushes into the screen using Force Touch you get an offer to create a new tweet, and both it and the reply option use Siri for dictation, and you can dictate a direct message or follow/unfollow accounts from the app too.

Instagram: Like most Watch versions of iPhone/iPad apps the Instagram app is limited compared to its bigger sibling; for example you can’t use it to take photos with your phone camera and upload them from the Watch, with snapping and uploading remaining a job for your iPhone. What this app does do is show a shortened version of your Instagram feed, offering the most recent posts from people you’ve chosen to receive notifications about. (You can change that list in the iPhone app). Instagram works surprisingly well on your wrist. You can swipe through photos to view or like them, see recent comments and likes on your own photos, and send emoji replies to people’s posts.

PCalc: This ap is a fantastically useful calculator and scientific calculator, but much more importantly it prevents fisticuffs in restaurants. Simply tell it how much the bill comes to, how many people are paying and how big a tip you want to leave, and the Watch app calculates how much each person should hand over. It supports watchOS 3’s Scribble feature too, so you don’t need to dictate or tap on a tiny keypad if you’ve downed that second bottle of wine. Alternatively you can use the Digital Crown to enter the figure in the tip calculator. That’s not all the Watch app can do, though. It includes a converter for distances and other measurements, and if you Force Touch the app you’ll see a Send To iPhone icon as well as the clear and undo buttons. And on the iPhone the main app is a great tool for serious calculating (and quick sums: there’s a mini-calculator if you Force Touch the app icon). It’s not the cheapest calculator app, but it’s worth the money.

(Source: Techradar).


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