Apple Watch: Sharing Your Location

You can quickly share your location with the contact, with whom you are chatting in the Messages app, using Apple Watch. This capability helps you to meet with the contact if you need to convey your exact location clearly. For the Messages app on Apple Watch to share your location, you must allow the Message app on iPhone to use Location Services.

How to Share Your Location

  • After receiving a Messages notification from the contact, tap the notification, and it will open.
  • Tap the message to open the Messages app. The Messages app will show the chat with the contact.
  • Force-touch the screen to open the Options screen.
  • Tap Send Location. Now, if you see the message Location Sharing Disabled when you tap Send Location, that means that you need to turn on location sharing for the Messages app on iPhone. Press Home, tap Settings, then tap Privacy. On the Privacy screen, tap Location Services, tap Messages, then tap While Using the App in the Allow Location Access area. Messages sends the location.
  • You can tap Reply to send a text reply as well.



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