Apple Watch: Syncing Photos

Apple Watch can store up to 500 photographs, and the user can see them anywhere using the Photo app. By working from the Photos screen in the Apple Watch on iPhone, the user can choose how many photos to sync, as well as the album from which to sync them. It is also possible to turn photos alerts On or Off.

Choose Which Photos to Sync to Apple Watch

  • On iPhone press Home to display the Home screen.
  • Tap Apple Watch to display the Apple Watch app.
  • Tap My Watch to open the My Watch screen.
  • Tap Photos to display the Photos screen. Note than by default photos uses Mirror My iPhone setting.
  • To customize Photos alerts, tap Custom. Otherwise go to Photo Limits line.
  • When you tap Custom, the Alert area appears.
  • Set the Show Alerts switch to On or Off as needed.
  • Tap Photos Limit to the display the Photos Limit screen.
  • Tap 25 Photos, 100 Photos, 250 Photos, 500 Photos, as appropriate. In fact, how many photos you sync is up to you. Apple uses 75MB as the guideline amount of space that 500 photos will take up on Apple Watch. Given the total capacity of Apple Watch (from 7 to 8 GB), 75 MB is really a small amount of space to dedicate to photographs.
  • Tap Photos and the photos screen will appear again.
  • Tap Synced Album to display the Synced Album screen.
  • Tap the album you want to sync.
  • Tap Photos and the Photos screen will appear again.

Note that the photos on Apple Watch are reduced in size so that they take up less storage space. The photos are larger than the Apple Watch screen, and you can zoom in on them using the Digital Crown.



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