Apple Watch: Using Passbook

On Apple Watch, the Passbook app enables the user to carry essential documents on Apple Watch. The user can easily display them as needed. It is possible to add the boarding pass for a flight to Passbook and then display theboarding pass on Apple Watch to scan its Quick Response code (QR code) at the gate. The Passbook app on Apple Watch automatically syncs all the documents from the Passbook app on iPhone.

How to Use Passbook

  • Lift your wrist to wake Apple Watch.
  • When the watch face appears, click the Digital Crown.
  • On the Home screen that appears, tap Passbook & Apple Pay.
  • On the Passbook screen, tap the document you want to use or view.
  • When the document opens, you can tap Close to close it and return to the Passbook screen.
  • Turn the Digital Crown clockwise, and further details will appear.
  • If you continue to turn the Digital Crown clockwise, the Quick Response code (QR code) appears full screen, so you can screen it on a terminal.
  • Tap the screen. The top of the document will appear. You can tap Close to close it.



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