Apple Watch : Using the World Clock

On Apple Watch, the World Clock app tracks time in different cities of the world. This app enables the user to see the current time in his or her choice of cities, and display the clock information about the cities the user is interested in. The clock information shows the sunrise time, the sunset time, the time difference from your current time zone, and even an indication of the hours of light and dark.

Apple Watch: How to Use the World Clock

  • Lift your wrist to wake Apple Watch and display the watch face.
  • If your watch face includes the World Clock complication, tap the complication to display the World Clock app, you don’t need to follow the next two lines. But you can also access the World Clock app by tapping the World Clock Glance in Glances.
  • If the watch face doesn’t include the World Clock complication, click the Digital Crown to display the Home screen.
  • Tap World Clock to view the World Clock screen.
  • Now turn the Digital Crown clockwise. Note that you can also scroll the World Clock screen with your finger. The list of cities scrolls.
  • Tap the city you want to see, and the city’s screen will appear. You’ll be able to see the time, the time difference, the sunrise and the sunset times.
  • Tap World Clock. The list of clocks will appear, and you’ll be able to navigate to other cities.

How to Customize the List of Cities

To choose your World Clock cities and to get the most out of the World Clock app on Apple Watch, you may want to pick up the list of cities from iPhone. To customize the list, you must work in the Clock app on iPhone. The list may be as long as 24 cities to World Clock and you can arrange them in the order you find useful.

  • On iPhone, press Home and the Home screen will appear.
  • Tap Clock to open the Clock app.
  • Tap World Сlock to view the World Clock screen.
  • Tap Add (+ sign). The Choose a City screen will appear.
  • You can search for a city by tapping Search and then starting to type the city’s name.
  • When you tap the city’s first letter, the cities starting with that letter will appear.
  • Tap the city and it appears on the World Clock screen.
  • Tap Edit, the city list opens for editing.
  • You can tap Delete (- sign). Next, tap the textual Delete button. The city will be deleted.
  • You can tap the movement handle (three horizontal lines). Drag a city to rearrange the list.
  • Tap Done.


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