Apple Color RGB Monitor

The Apple Color RGB Monitor (marketed by Apple Computer, Inc. as Apple Color High-Resolution RGB Monitor) was described by Apple as “the ideal companion for your Apple computer in both design and usability.

Apple Color RGB Monitor

Among its features are: a high-contrast screen, graphics capability, high-quality display in either 40-column or 80-column widths, full RGB color capability, simultaneous display of color graphics and text, an easy-to-clean screen and cabinet.» Note that the Apple Monochrome Monitor was introduced the same year. It was identical to the Apple Color RGB Monitor but was a black and white composite display. All its other specifications are the same as in Apple Color RGB Monitor.

Release Date

March 2, 1987.


  • Type: Trinitron aperture grille CRT.
  • Picture tube: 12-inch diagonal (11.5-inch viewable) 0.37 mm tri-dot-pitch high-contrast (black matrix).
  • Input signals: Red, green, blue video signals composted with negative going sync 1.0 +(-) 0.5 volts peak to peak, internally terminated with 745 ohm resistors. Composite sync negative going 4.0 +(-) 1.0 volts peak to peak, internally terminated with 2000 ohm resistor.
  • User controls: Power switch (right side), contrast (right side), brightness, with detente reference (right side), vertical size (back panel), vertical hold (back panel), horizontal hold (back panel).
  • Video bandwith: Flat within 1.5 DB to 6.5 MHz. Less than 3DB down at 8 MHz.
  • Resolution: 640 H by 200 V pixels non-interlaced or 640 x 400 interlaced when used with the Apple IIGS. Later, fixed resolution – 640 x 480.
  • Active video display area: Adjusted at the factor to produce an active video area of 200 mm horizontal by 150 mm vertical. Remainder of display surface area is used for border display zone.
  • Weight: 27.56 lb maximum.
  • Power requirements: Less than 65 watts under normal viewing conditions. 90 watts maximum.

Apple Orders, Discontinuation, Price

Apple Model Numbers:

  • M0401
  • M1297.


  • In December 1992
  • Manufactured until October 19, 1992


  • The Apple Color RGB Monitor as a 12-inches analog RGB display was designed for the Apple IIGS computer, and could be used by the Macintosh II, in a limited fashion, with the Apple High Resolution Display Video Card.


  • The Apple Monochrome Monitor was introduced the same year. It was identical to the Apple Color RGB Monitor but was a black and white composite display suitable in external appearance for the Apple IIGS, Apple IIc or Apple IIc Plus.
  • User could change the brightness and contrast of the display to suit her or his preferences. They could also adjust the viewing angle with the built-in Height-Adjustment bar.
  • 220/240-volt models of the Apple Color RGB Monitor came with detachable power cords.
  • The monitor was «theft-protected»: the small rectangular opening in the bottom-right corner on the back of the monitor was designed for connecting a security lock. It let users attach a narrow, flexible cable that they could use to secure their monitor and the rest of the Apple computer system, too, to prevent theft. Security locks were available from the authorized Apple dealers.


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