Color Monitor IIc

The Color Monitor IIc was released in 1985. Renamed to Apple Color Composite Monitor IIc) it was capable of supporting the maximum Apple II Double Hi-Res standard of 560×192. It had two modes of operation – text and color-adjusting.

Color Monitor IIc


  • Picture tube: 14-inch diagonal (13-inch view). ). 0.52 mm slot pitch. High contrast (black matrix).
  • User controls: Power switch, contrast, brightness, color, tint, white only button, vertical size, bertical hold, horizontal hold.
  • Weight: 27.56 lb maximum.


  • The Apple Color Composite Monitor’s IIc picture took two stages: adjusting the text display and then adjusting the color (graphics) display. If users didn’t have a program that displayed color graphics, they adjusted only for text.
  • To display text in 80-column form, an Apple IIc must have a 80-column card or extended 80-column card. The program displaying the text, must be written to display 80 columns. The monitor alone can’t change a 4O-column program into an 80-column display. If users intend to adjust the display for color, they need a program that displays a color graphic.
  • This monitor contained internal power line fuse protection which should be replaced with the same type by a qualified service technician.
  • Later Apple designed a successor to the compact all-in-one Macintosh, who’s case was reminiscent of Apple’s earlier Compact Macintosh series but considerably larger and bulkier. It had a larger screen, compared to the Compact’s 9- or 10-inch displays, as well as a bulging midsection to contain the larger electronics, in stark contrast to the compact Macs’ slimmer designs.


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