Configure Wrist and Crown Orientation

Most people (up to 90%) are right-handed, so Apple Watch comes set up for wearing on the left wrist. It is possible to change the watch orientation from left to right; you can specify which side the Digital Crown is on, enabling you to wear Apple Watch with the Digital Crown either pointing toward your hand or toward your elbow. You can make the changes either using the Settings Apps on Apple Watch itself or using Apple Watch app on iPhone. (And, yes, Apple Watch designer Jony Ive is left handed!)

Apple Watch: Configure Wrist and Crown Orientation

Configure Wrist and Crown Orientation on iPhone

  • Press Home on your iPhone.
  • Tap Apple Watch icon to open the Apple Watch App.
  • Tap My Watch to open the My Watch icon.
  • Tap General to see the General screen.
  • Now tap Watch Orientation.
  • On the Watch Orientation screen, tap Left Wrist or Right Wrist, as appropriate.
  • Tap Digital Crown on Left Side or tap Digital Crown on Right Side, depending on the wrist you wear the watch.

Configure Wrist and Crown Orientation on Apple Watch

  • Lift your wrist to wake Apple Watch.
  • When the watch face appears, click the Digital Crown.
  • On the Home screen, tap Settings.
  • When the Settings screen opens, tap General.
  • On the General screen tap Orientation.
  • In the Wrist area of Orientation screen, tap Left or Right, as appropriate.
  • Now turn the Digital Crown clockwise to scroll down.
  • In the Crown area, tap Left or Right, as you prefer.
  • Tap Orientation again and the General screen will appear.

Why Tell Apple Watch About the Wrist?

Note: Apple Watch accelerometer interprets your movements so the device can react appropriately to them. It tries to distinguish between you raising your wrist to wake Apple Watch and you moving the wrist for other purposes. Specifying which wrist Apple Watch is on helps the device to interpret the movements without mistake.

Apps for Left-Handed People

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