FAQ About Macs

Not many users personalize their Mac, as organizing everything on the computer is not exactly a barrel of laughs. However using a few neat tricks for searching, storing and working can make a difference, so sooner or later, Mac users want their devices to run faster. Mac OS offer some good technology, which can help quickly locate, move around or remove files and thus reach the goal: to speed up a Mac by cleaning its interiors. With all these flashiest interface features, and with your desktop straightened out, you can use your Mac much more efficiently.


Can I Get Rid of Problem Fonts?

How to Clear the Cache?

Can I Turn Off Certain Mac OS X Functions? If Yes, What Can I Turn Off?

How to Get Rid of Widgets?

How to Remove Dock Animations

How to Cool Down Your Mac

What is a Library on a Mac?

My Mac Has Frozen, what Can I Do?

The Mac Won't Switch On

My Mac Freezes-Up During Start-Up

Why My Mac makes start-up beeps?

Should I install OnyX on My Mac?

What to do if My Mac Does Anything Strange?

What to Do if OX X Won't Let Me Access a File or Folder?

What to Do if the Trash Won't Empty

What to Do If a Deleted the Wrong File?

My CD and DVD Make a Noise, What to Do?

My CD and DVD Won't Eject, What to Do?

What is Target Mode?

Can I Get Rid of Problem Fonts?

What to Do If My Mac Won't Sleep

My Mac Kicked the Bucket, What to Do?

How can I See How Much Data Is Stored on My Mac?

What to Do if My Mac Won't Sleep?

What to Do If the Trash Won't Empty?


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