FAQ About Siri

Should I Connect My iPad or iPhone to the Internet If I Want to Use Siri?

Yes, your device has to be connected to the Internet for Siri to work (as well as for dictation). In fact, the words you speak are sent over the Internet and then transcribed into text. Then the text is sent back to your device. If the iPhone or iPad are not connected to the network via Wi-Fi or a cellular network, Siri will report that it can’t complete the task.

Siri Doesn’t Want to Quit Listen Mode.

If you have finished speaking, but Siri doesn’t automatically finish quit Listen mode, tap the oscillating like at the bottom of the screen. If you tap that line, it will stop listen mode. Siri will start to process your request. Note that if you are talking to Siri in a noisy environment, the system may not discern the sound of your speech from the ambient background noise.

Siri Can’t Understand My Commands.

If you are having trouble, try to speak a bit more slowly. Make sure that you firmly enunciate and end the words. Try to make pauses between words, otherwise Siri might run them together and change their sense. However don’t pause too long between words or sentences, because Siri interprets pauses of a certain length as a signal that you are done speaking. She’ll go then to a processing mode.

Why Does Siri Perform a Web Search?

If you ask a general question or if she simply doesn’t understand what you want, she’ll perform a web search. That’s she takes what she thinks you are looking for, and then does a search. You’ll see the results page for the search Siri performed. You may have to manually open and read the results. Siri can also read the results to you.


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