FAQ About Apple for Beginners

Apple is the world’s largest IT company (may be, the largest company in the Universe, but we are not sure about Klingons) by revenue and total assets. Curiously enough, Ronald Gerald Wayne Apple’s co-founder sold all his shares for $800, but it happens… So let’s take a look at some of the most incredible and amazing facts about this great company.

Apple FAQ for Beginners

Is Mac Difficult to Get To?

What’s Mac?

What is OS X?
What Is the Difference Between a Mac and a PC?

Which Is Better, Mac or PC?

Which Is Better, Windows or OS X?

Will My Apps Work On a Mac? Will My Documents Open?

Can I Run Windows On a Mac?

Will My Music Files Work on Mac?

Will My Printer Bought to Be Used On PC Work With Mac?

Will Other Peripherals Work With Mac?

Can Mac and PC Share Files and Peripherals in a Home Network?

My Partner was a PC User, Will It Be a Problem?

My Work, Will It Be Safe If I switch to Mac?


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