iMac G3 Slot-Loading DV Special Edition 500 Hz 2000

The iMac G3 Slot-Loading DV Special Edition (SE) 500 Hz is the top model of the “Summer Series” line up with the 500 Hz processor, 30 GB hard drive, 128 MB RAM, ATI Rage 128 Pro video card with 8 MB of VRAM and a 4X DVD-ROM. It was to replace the iMac G3 DV SE 400 Hz, but is also similar to the iMac G3 DV+ 450 Hz. It has fanless cooling system, two FireWire 400 ports, 2 USB 1.1 ports, in-built speakers, 2 headphone mini jacks and supports the external AirPort. The model is made with emphasis on home video editing, offering an optical disk writing drive capable of writing more capacious DVDs rather than CDs. The Summer Series top model is given crisp colors of Graphite and Snow rather than vibrant “Fruit Colors”.

iMac G3 Slot-Loading DV Special Edition 500 Hz (Summer 2000)

Introduced on: July 19, 2000.


  • Processor Speed: 500 MHz.
  • Processor Architecture: 32-bit.
  • Processor type: PowerPC 750 “G3”.
  • Cores: 1.
  • On-Board Ram: 64 MB or 128 MB (Expandable to 1 GB (512 MB supported by Apple).
  • Video: 15-inch (13.8-inch viewable) shadow-mask CRT screen with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution.
  • Graphics: ATI Rage 128 Pro with 8 MB of VRAM.
  • Storage: 30 GB, 5400-rpm ATA-3 up to 128 GB Hard Drive Supported.
  • Input\Output: 2x USB 1.1, 2x FireWire 400 2x Headphone mini-jacks, Analog audio input mini-jack, Built-in stereo speakers.
  • Optical drive: 4X DVD-ROM.
  • Internet \ Wireless connection: Optional 11 Mbit/s AirPort 802.11b (adapter required), 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet, 56k modem 4 Mbit/s, IrDA.
  • OS: Preinstalled OS: 9.0.4. OS max. upgrade: 10.4.11.
  • Dimensions: 15.0 x 15.0 x 17.1 inch.
  • Weight: 34.7 lb.
  • Colors: Graphite, Snow.

Apple Orders, Discontinuation, Price

Model No: M5521 (EMC 1857).

Apple Order number: M7651LL/A – Graphite, M7709LL/A – Snow.

Discontinued: February 22, 2001.

Price: $1499.


  • The benchmarks tests showed the iMac G3 SE 500 is 17 percent faster than its predecessor and doesn’t need virtual memory increasing for better game performance.
  • Encoding and recoding times were also significantly improved. Users liked the keyboard and the mouse shipped with that model but some found the Pro Mouse a bit “spongy”.



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