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The iPad is a tablet which Apple defined as being magical and revolutionary device, based on the most advanced technology with « stunning » display. And at “unbelievable price”. As Apple stated in its press-release: the iPad has been conceived, designed and developed for “browsing the web, reading and sending email, enjoying photos, watching videos, listening to music, playing games, reading e-books and more.” To some, of us, all this means an iPad combines the best features of a notebook or netbook computer and an iPod touch, wrapped up in a gorgeous, ultrathin, light-as-a-feather package. Here, while reading our iPad FAQ, you’ll certainly learn more about iPads and their secrets:

iPad FAQ

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What Is Pinching?

How can I scroll down through a long list or menu?

Where are Menu Bars located?

Can iPad provide location information?

Can I Use iPad as a Smartphone?

How the Music Library is organized?

Can I download songs from the iTunes Store to my iPad?

Can I upload photos taken with iPad?

What funcions do the physical switches perform?

Can I configure my iPad to erase itself?
I'm getting ready to sell my iPad. How must I proceed?
I'm getting ready to sell my old iPad Retina display, should I erase it?

Can I Configure the iPad to Erase Itself?

What Does It Mean “Clear the iPad Digitally”?

What to Do If I Can't Erase an Old iPad?

I'm getting ready to sell my iPad, what should I do?

How Can I Identify Its Model?

What Is The Difference Between The Models?

Can I create a virtual button?

How Can I Change Carrier?

How Can I Unlock My iPad if I forgot the passcode?
Do I Need a Microsoft Office for iPad?


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