Laser 3000

In 1983 Video Technology Company, based in Hong Kong, introduces the Laser 3000 microcomputer, an Apple II clone. It was said to be 96% compatible with the Apple IIe when the Emulator Cartridge was installed. This device was reliable and suited perfectly many fans of the Apple II who wanted to play Chopper, Centipede, Frogger, Zaxxon and other games. You could also write programs or compose music with the Sound command. It was sold with the whole kit with the joystick, emulator and drive (the drive was detached, so was everything else). This computer had some special graphics modes and Sound options which were great for the epoch. You could hit ctl-break and read the programming… And a genuine Apple IIe price was at least double, so Laser 3000 represented good value for money. I owned it for about 4 years and it proved to be reliable.

Laser 3000

Introduced in 1983.


  • Processor: CPU – 6502A, speed – 2 MHz.
  • Co-processor: Optional Z80A.
  • RAM: 64 KB (up to 192 KB).
  • ROM: Microsoft BASIC 32 KB. Emulator Cartridge increased memory.
  • Display size, text modes: 40 / 80 x 24.
  • Graphic modes: 560 x 192 (six colours), 280 x 192 (six colours), 280 x 192 (eight colours)
  • Colors: 8.
  • Sound: 4 voices, 6 octaves.
  • I/O ports: Joystick port, CP/M cartridge port [CD], printer port, RS-232 serial port (optional), system bus connector, RGB video, Centronics, composite and RGB video outputs, cassette interface (tape).
  • OS: Apple DOS 3.3 + optional CP/M 80 (with Z80A card). ProDOS.
  • Power supply: Built-in power supply.
  • Keyboard: Full-stroke keyboard with 81 keys, numeric keypad, 8 function keys, cursor keys, caps lock, esc, ctrl, shift (x2), tab, break, rubout.
  • Peripherals: Z80A card, Intel 8088 card, RS232c interface.
  • Dimensions:19.5-in. wide x 10-in. deep x 3-in. thick.


Price: In the US US$499 (see ad).


  • The Laser 3000 personal computer built by Video Technology Ltd. of Hong Kong had bugs in the hardware and in the firmware. However, it had enough additions and changes to make it far more interesting than the average Apple clone.
  • The Laser 3000 was sold mostly in the Australian market where it was sold by Dick Smith Electronics under a name of CAT and APlus 3000.

The specifications are based on the Computer Direct ad that was published in Popular Science Magazine, November 1985, p.116 and on COMPUTE! Magazine, November 1985, p.85.

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