How to Locate Paired iPhone

Apple Watch can be used to help the owner locate paired iPhone, when his or her iPhone is lost. This feature may be very useful when you mislay the smartphone. The gadget enables you play a pinging noise on the paired iPhone. However, to perform this capability, Apple Watch and iPhone must be close enough to each other to communicate via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

How to Locate Paired iPhone

Locating the Paired iPhone:

  • Wake Apple Watch by lifting your wrist.
  • As soon as the watch face appears, swipe up.
  • You’ll see the Glances screen. It will show the Glance you used last.
  • Swipe right one or more times until the Setting Glance appears.
  • When you see the Connected readout, indicating that Apple Watch is connected to iPhone, tap Ping iPhone.
  • The Pinging iPhone readout will appear and iPhone will play a pinging sound to help you locate it.
  • When you find the lost phone, you’ll see the Apple Watch symbol on its screen.


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