MacBook Miscellaneous

Apple’s goal with MacBook was to engineer a full‑size experience into the lightest and most compact notebook. The result is more than just a light, thin, funcational and capable computer. It’s the future of the notebook.  It’s everything there to love your MacBook in its purest form. Here come some of the facts you might not know about this notebook. They may help you to work or play with it or they may be just amazing facts. So enjoy your reading!

MacBook Miscellaneous

  • On MacBook Air you can watch a DVD using another computer’s drive over a WI-Fi network using the Remote Disc feature.
  • If you can’t open DVD Player or if you want to use an alternate player as your default player, alter the settings in System Preferences – CDs & DVDs.
  • Whichever applications you use on your Mac, you can speed up your work by manipulating text with the keyboard rather than mouse, Many developers and other professionals use standard and not so standard shortcuts to go faster and make the hole process easier.

Standard Shortcuts

Command key + S – a standard shortcut for Save

Command key + Shift + S – Save As.

Command key + D – when you are specifying where to save your work, this combination leads you to the desktop.

Command key + Shift + H – you go to your Home folder.

▲/▼ button reveals or hides the file browser.

Moving around: Use the arrow keys to move around by letter and line. Add the Command keys (or the Options key in some applications), to move by word and paragraph.

Selecting text: Hold down Shift key. Now the arrow keys become tools for selecting text. Add the

Command key or the Option key to select by words and paragraphs rather than letters and lines.

Cut: Command key + X f.

Copy: Command key + C.

Paste: Command key + V.

(Cut, Copy and Paste are easy to remember and fast to use, as X,C and V are adjacent on the keyboard).

Jumping around: Use the Home and End keys to jump to the beginning or to the end of a line.

Many text shortcuts are available in each application. In Microsoft Word, Shift+^+ Arrow Up or Shift+^+ Arrow down move paragraphs up and down. And Shift+ F3 toggles selected text between upper and lower cases.

A search box will help you to find folders to save into. You can also create a new folder using the button at the bottom-left. Just as in Finder, you can navigate back and forward or change views by using the button on the top-right.

You can drag the Sidebar pane on the left in and out.

  • Start-Up Modes: When troubleshooting your Mac, there are various key combinations that do useful things during start-up. In each case you have to make sure the Mac is switched off. If you are not sure is the machine is switched off, hold down the power button for five seconds. Then switch on and as soon as you hear the start up chime hold down one of the following until something appears on the screen :

Shift – Safe Mode.

Command Key + S – Single User Mode.

C – Boot from CD.


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