Macintosh 12″h RGB Display

The Apple’s Macintosh 12″ RGB Display was introduced with the Mac LC in October 1999. It uses a 13″ Sony Trinitron CRT, which is curved horizontally but flat vertically. The monitor can sit on top of most desktop Macs. Apple recommended against using this monitor at maximum brightness and suggested using a screen saver to avoid phosphor burn caused by static elements on the screen, such as the Menu bar, Drive icon, and Trash. This monitor is compatible with a limited number of Macs and video cards (see below). The case was used for both the 12″ RGB display and the 12″ monochrome display.

Macintosh 12″h RGB Display

Introduced on 15 October 1989.


  • Tube type: Trinitron CRT.
  • Picture Tube: 12-inch viewable diagonal screen. 90° deflection angle. Black matrix-type dot screen. Phosphor type P22 (aluminized). Spherical, antiglare surface.
  • Screen Resolution: 512 x 384 fixed lines; 64 dpi.. Displays up to 256 colors with Macintosh Display Card 4*8 and 16.7 million colors with Macintosh Display Card 8*24.
  • Scan Rates: Vertical refresh rate: 60.15 Hz. Horizontal scan rate: 24.48 kHz. Rise and fall time: 27 ns maximum.
  • Active Video: 8.08 inches by 6.02 inches.
  • Input Signals: Video: red, green, blue analog video; RS-343 standard.
  • Video cable: Removable cable with DB-15 connectors on both ends.
  • Security: Standard security lock.
  • Dimensions: 10.2″ (height) x 12.2″ (width) x 14.4″ (depth).
  • Weight: 24 lb (35 lb including cables and accessories).
  • Tilt/swivel base: Optional.
  • User Controls: Rear panel: power switch. Right side: brightness and contrast controls.
  • Compatibility: Macintosh LC. Macintosh LC II. Macintosh Iici. Macintosh Iisi. Macintosh Display Card 4-8. Macintosh Display Card 8-24.

Apple Models, Discontinuation, Price

Apple part number: M0401.

Discontinued on October 19, 1992.

Introductory price: US$599.


  • Because of a Trinitron display, there is a thin horizontal wire about one-third of the way up from the bottom, which users may see as a thin gray line. This is normal; it is not a defect.
  • This display uses Apple’s DB-15 video connector, not to be confused with the smaller, higher density DE-15 VGA video connector.
  • To clean the screen, Apple suggested applying household glass cleaner to a clean cloth or paper towel and wiping the screen, and avoiding spraying glass cleaner directly on the CRT, as it could run down the screen, into the case, and damage the internal electrical circuitry.
  • The Macintosh 12″h RGB Display needed 20 minutes of warm-up for complete warmup, but it could be used immediately.


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