Apple Monitor IIc

The Apple Monitor IIc was part of the line of quality Apple computer products. At the time its lightweight, compact design added many convenient new features. This miniature 9″ screen was introduced for the Apple IIc computer to help complement its compact size.

The Apple Monitor IIc

The monitor had an on-off button and the contrast control, located for easy access on either side of the cabinet. Three other controls were located on the back of the monitor, because they were seldom used (vertical hold control, vertical size control, brightness control). These buttons were labelled with international symbols.

In fact, the history of Apple LCDs started when the Apple Flat Panel Display was introduced for this computer, principally to enhance the IIc’s portability.

Release Date

The Apple monitor IIc was introduced in 1984.


  • Type: Monochrome CRT.
  • Display: CRT 9-inch monochrome (green phosphor). The display was conceived to reduce glare.
  • Text resolution: High-contrast, non-glare screen, with high resolution 80 or 40-characters, any type of graphics, double hi-res graphics included.
  • Fixed resolution: NTSC.
  • Color: Bright, creamy off-white.

Getting Started with the Monitor

Here is the order of activities for setting up the monitor:

  • Connect the monitor to the computer and to a power outlet.
  • Turn the monitor on.
  • Adjust the monitor display for text and color.

Before you begin, make sure that the computer is turned off and that you have the video cable and the monitor power cord. When considering where to put the Apple system, keep in mind that the monitor requires its own electrical outlet. This means that you need at least two electrical outlets near your system – three if you add a printer or other device. Note that many people prefer to plug their computer equipment into a special power strip equipped with protection against surges in electrical current.

About Monitor’s Cables

Apple computers and monitors come with shielded cables. If you use other devices with your Apple computer, make sure the cables are shielded.

If the monitor has a separate power cord, plug it into the power socket in the back panel of the monitor. Make sure you get a firm fit. A loose connection can cause a flickering display.

Plus the monitor power cord into a power outlet. If you have not plugged in your other power cords, plug them in now.

You are ready now to start up the computer and adjust the monitor.

Suggestions for Care and Use of Your Monitor

Some guidelines for using your Apple Monitor IIc and for keeping the monitor in good working order.

Position the computer and monitor as you prefer for your work. The computer line of Apple computers is large enough to place the Apple IIc Monitor directly on top of the computer’s case. Try and see if you like it there. If not, you can place the monitor to the side.

Important note: An active monitor generates signals that can interfere with a disk drive’s ability read a disk. If your system seems to have trouble reading disks, move the disk drive or drives away from the monitor.

You will probably want to use white-only display for text programs such as word processing, and reserve color for graphics programs. If you choose color mode while text is on the screen, the text will be white. Some software mixes color graphics and text in a singly display. If the text in such a display contains color splotches, white-only mode will make the text easier to read.

To keep your eyes from tiring, avoid staring into the monitor for long periods of time without a break. Focus on a distant object from time to time.

Warning: Never leave your Apple system exposed to direct sunlight. The heat can damage the case and even the electronics. Don’t put cups glasses or any vessel containing liquids on or beside the computer, monitor or peripheral devices. Spilling a liquid into any electronic instrument can damage circuitry. Don’t leave the monitor on after you turn off the computer. Don’t block the vents on the monitor. These vents prevent the monitor from overheating while in use.

Cleaning the Monitor

Follow these suggestions if you need to clean the monitor:

  • Clean the cabinet with a damp, but not wet lint-free cloth. Don’t apply aerosol sprays, solvents, or abrasives that might damage the cabinet finish. If the screen gets dirty, apply a household glass cleaner to a clean cloth of paper towel and wipe the screen. Do not spray glass cleaner directly onto the screen. It could run down inside the case and damage electrical circuits.


Initial price: $600.


  • This monitor was also the first to use the brand new design style for Apple’s products called Snow White.
  • This monochrome display was capable of 80 columns by 24 lines, but had an odd aspect ratio (making images look vertically squished) and required a very strong external light source, such as a desk lamp or direct sunlight to be used.
  • Apple IIc monitor was the first Apple monitor not released in a beige color.
  • An estimated 10,000 IIc LCD monitors were produced. This monitor had a very poor contrast overall and was quite expensive, contributing to its poor sales. Consequently Apple dropped it from the market not long after its introduction.


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