Monitor III

The Apple Monitor III is a CRT-based monochrome monitor (green phosphor or a white phosphor). This monitor, rist in the Apple business line of devices, was manufactured and marketed by Apple Computer and destined for the Apple III computer. It was also compatible with Apple II personal computer, as well as with other computers through a standard composite video input jack.

Apple Monitor III

The Apple Monitor III was introduced in May 1980 (released in March 1981). Monochrome monitors were very common from the 1960s through the 1980s. They are still used in many ways (in cash register systems and so on).


  • Type:  Cathode ray tube (CRT), a vacuum tube containing electron guns, and a phosphorescent screen.
  • Display: CRT 12” monochrome (green or white phosphor). The display was conceived to reduce glare.
  • Text resolution: 80 x 24 text characters, any type of graphics.

Apple Order, Discontinuation, Price

Green phosphor: A3M0039. White phosphor: A3M0006.

Price: Introductory price – US $400 or more. Around US $350 if bought with the Apple computer. Today these monitors have become collectibles and may be sold at US$ 50-100, depending on their conditions. You can always ask if your old Apple Monitor III is worth any money.


  • The Monitor III was commonly referred to as a Green Screen due to its green phosphor display.
  • The Monitor III preceded the Apple Monitor II by four years.
  • The Monitor III had a very slow phosphor refresh that resulted in a “ghosting” video effect (a dim afterglow of the screen’s contents is still visible after the screen has been blanked).
  • A plastic stand was designed to accommodate the larger footprint of the Apple II series of computers.



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