Power Macintosh G3 (Blue & White G3)

The forth generation of Apple displays was released with the Blue & White Power Macintosh G3 desktop or minitower (also known as Blue and White G3 or else B&W G3, Yosemite G3 or Smurf Tower to distinguish the device from original Power Macintosh G3). This computer included the white and blue plastics of the iMac, The Power Macintosh G3 a short-lived series of Apple Power Macintosh line. The first new Power Mac model after the release of the iMac, G3 B&W used a totally new design (code name El-Capitan), with the logic board on the folding “door”, which swung down onto the desk for easy access, and borrowed the iMac’s blue-and-white color scheme.

Power Macintosh G3 (Commonly Known As the Blue & White G3) 

Introduced on January 10, 1999.


  • Codename: Yosemite.
  • Processor: 350 MHz, 400 MHz, or 450 MHz PowerPC G3 with 1 MB on-chip L2 cache.
  • Memory: Motorola MPC106 (codenamed “Grackle”) version 4. RAM: 64 MB, 128 MB. Maximum RAM: 1 GB.
  • Storage: Hard Drive: 6-12 GB (up to 3 36 GB available BTO) ATA Bus: Ultra ATA.
  • Zip Drive: optional. Optical Drive: 32x CD-ROM, DVD/DVD-RAM available.
  • ROM: New World ROM. 64 MB, 128 MB* Maximum RAM: 1 GB ( 64 MB standard in M7555LL/A, 128 MB standard in M6665LL/A and M7554LL/A).
  • OS: Original OS Mac OS 8.5.1. Later revisions shipped with 8.6. The latest version that can be run on this model is Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger 10.4.11). Paddington (100 Mbit Ethernet and power save features). It is possible to run Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard if the processor is upgraded to a G4 and several additional kexts (Kernel Extensions) are installed from Tiger or beta releases of Leopard.
  • Video Card: Rage 128 GL. VRAM Type: SDRAM. All resolutions supported,
  • Video Out: VGA.
  • Audio: Audio chip Burgundy,
  • Controllers for Firewire (Texas Instruments PCI-Lynx), for USB etc. added.
  • Dimensions: 17.0 Height x 8.9 Width x 18.4 Depth.
  • Average Weight: 28.7 lbs.

Apple Models, Discontinuation, Price

Model Identifier: Power Mac 1.1.

Apple Model Numbers: M7556LL/A (350 MHz Revision B), M7555LL/A or M7554LL/A (400 MHz Revision B), M7553LL/A (450 MHz Revision B).

Discontinued: August 31, 1999. The Power Macintosh G3 was discontinued in favor of the Power Mac G4 line.

Introductory price: $1599 – $4999, depending on configuration ($4999 for the fully loaded server configuration).


  • This desktop succeeded the original beige Power Macintosh G3, with which it shared the name and processor architecture but little else.
  • ThisG3 was the first Apple model to support FireWire, Apple’s new high-speed serial standard. It was also the first professional model to include USB, although it also came with a legacy ADB port for backwards compatibility.
  • In a controversial move, Apple chose not to include standard serial ports, a floppy drive, or on-board SCSI. Instead the company chose Ultra ATA. An internal Zip was available, however, as were SCSI expansion cards.
  • The Power Macintosh G3 B&W was the first computer to be equipped with the New World ROM architecture in the Power Macintosh line.
  • There was a silent release to the G3 line, mid 1999 (see Power Macintosh G3 (Blue & White G3). The ATA chip was changed so it better supported slave drives etc. You can recognize the revision B by the hard disk mount space.
  • The first G3 B&W’s had space to mount a single hard disk to the casing, whilst the second revision had a complete rack laying under the power suply which could easily be taken out and has space to mount 3 or four hard disks.
  • The fourth generation displays were notorious for faulty flybacks.


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