RAIDS: Back Up Data On Home Servers

Nowadays, when data stored by a common home user is measured by terabytes (thank you, hi-res video and photos!), the problem of backing up one’s files is a crucial one. In times before the TimeCapsule Apple offered server iterations of Mac minis: Mac mini Core 2 duo/2.53 serverMac mini Core 2 duo / 2.66, mid 2010 server.

RAIDS: Know how to back up your data on home servers

While reading the specifications to them, you might have run into such words as RAID 1 or RAID 0 and wondered what it all meant.

It’s time to reveal this sacred secret of system administrators. RAID stands for redundant array of independent disks. Don’t panic, redundant doesn’t mean you have to buy HDDs by dozens. Two will do. Mac mini servers usually have dual 500 GB SATA hard drives with the 3 Gb\s speed. They are identical in capacity and rotation speed, that’s the clue.

RAID 0 splits your data evenly between two disks. It’s more like storing a puzzle’s pieces not in one but in two boxes. If a box gets lost, your picture will never be complete again. Imagine that happening to your docs or prom video! Yes, there’s no protection here if one of the drives faults. And they DO fault now and then. But RAID 0 servers are quick to read and write and both HDDs contribute to storage capacity.

RAID 1 or mirror RAID just mirrors your data, as its moniker implies. This way your docs, videos, pictures and what’s not are really backed up. The whole data array is copied to the other disk. If one of them faults, you can easily restore the information. But physically you can use just one half of your storage space. If under RAID 0 you can have 500 GB x 2 = 1 TB of disk space, you’ll have just 500 GB of disk space under RAID 1 and your hard drives response will be slower.

We, in igotoffer, now hope, that this article will help you to make your choice with open eyes while installing OS X Server on you Macs!



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