Apple Watch: How to Reset Sync Data Guidelines

How to reset sync data: Apple Watch automatically syncs data from iPhone. That’s the Calendar app on Apple Watch automatically syncs calendar data and the Contacts app automatically syncs contacts info.

Apple Watch: How to Reset Sync Data

Usually the syncing takes place seamlessly in the background. In some rare cases, however, sync problems may occur. In this case, you can use the Apple Watch app on iPhone to reset the contact and the calendar data. The Calendar data and the Contact data then sync again from the scratch.

  • On iPhone, press Home.
  • On the Home screen tap Apple Watch.
  • Tap My Watch.
  • Tap General on My Watch screen.
  • Tap Reset on the General screen.
  • Tap Reset Sync Data on the Reset screen.

Thus the Apple Watch app will reset the sync data for your contacts and calendar.

Troubleshooting with Syncing between Devices

When your iPhone contacts aren’t syncing with an Apple Watch, information is no longer accessible. Occasionally, contacts list just disappear or were never there in the first place. I recently have that problem on my Apple Watch. Here are some possible solutions to fix the contacts syncing issue with Apple Watch. If at some point one suggestion doesn’t work, just move on to the next one or the one after that (Reminder: Don’t forget to enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your iPhone before you proceed):

  • Start with Restart, as for the most part, restarting your Apple Watch seems to be the best solution. To restart the watch, proceed as follows: – Press and hold the side button until the Power Off slider popup, – Swipe the slider to the right entirely. To turn the watch back on, just press and hold the side button again. When you start seeing the Apple logo, let go of it. If the watch is not responding, force restart it.
  • Check for Connectivity: If your contacts are not showing on the Apple Watch at all, it might happen because iPhone and Apple Watch are not connected to each other. To double check, access the Settings glance by swiping up on the watch face. Once there look for Connected with a green phone icon. We also recommend to turn off Airplane Mode while checking if the devices are connected.
  • Try to reset sync data as described above. You will not see any changes in the beginning, but don’t do anything yet. The resetting is running in the background so you should wait patiently. The whole operation usually takes about two or three minutes.
  • If Contacts Pictures Disappear, login to the iCloud on your computer, check that your Contacts have sync to iCloud, if not, allow it to do so. On iPhone, go to Settings > iCloud > Turn off Contacts. Once there delete them from iPhone. Now turn both devices off. Then turn on your iPhone first. Once your Apple Watch and iPhone are turned back On, go to the iCloud options again and toggle On for Contacts. Now be patient and wait for your iPhone and Apple Watch to reconnect and let the data sync up.

A Few Useful Apps for your Apple Watch

Misfit Shine 2: This health app logs steps, different types of activity and sleep, and can feed all of this data back to Apple Health. If you want something in a slightly different style, the Misfit Ray works perfectly well with the Apple Health app too.

Pebble Time Round: Pebble’s round smartwatch, like the rest of the Pebble range, works with Apple Health, so if you want an independent smartwatch that’s going to beam your sleep and your step stats this is one to consider.

Wahoo Tickr X Heart Rate Monitor: A chest strap monitor is still the best way to measure your heart rate, even if it’s pricey, and this premium model from Wahoo has the benefit of syncing seamlessly with Apple Health.

Withings Aura Connected Alarm Clock: Any bit of Withings kit works with Apple Health but it’s worth highlighting the Aura Connected Alarm Clock as something a bit different. This intelligent light wakes you up naturally, senses your movements during the night and helps you to optimize your bedroom environment.

Nike+ Running: If you use Nike+ Running when pounding the pavements, all the information from your run can be logged by Apple Health on your iOS device upon your return, including distances, times and the intensity of your workout.

Human: If you’re looking for a simpler route to fitness, give Human a try. This app eschews complex workouts to focus on getting you active for 30 minutes every day, and you can then build up from there. Tracking is automatic on compatible iPhones and the Apple Watch.

Garmin Connect Mobile: Garmin Connect has grown to become one of the most complete health tracking platforms out there. This app is capable of instantly writing active calorie burn, steps, walking data and running distance to Apple Health so you’ve got everything in one place.

DailyBurn: The more dedicated gun-sculptors among you can share data from DailyBurn’s range of power workouts through Apple Health, including total calories burned and information on the types of workouts completed. There are over 150 workouts to pick from.


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How to reset the Apple Watch. Published by Techsloth  on May 1, 2015. Just a quick guide.


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