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On Apple Watch, the Digital Touch feature enables the user to send a sketch, a tap on the wrist or the user’s current heartbeat to another Apple Watch. To access this feature you can use the Friends app. For a sketch or a tap, the user can select the color to use by using the Color Picker. It is possible to customize the colors in the Color Picker with the colors the user prefers. Here come all three Digital Touch communication methods, that’s sketches, taps on the wrist and your heartbeat.

Apple Watch Digital Touch: How to Send a Sketch, a Tap or a Heartbeat

  • Lift your wrist to wake Apple Watch and display the watch face.
  • Click the side button to open the Friends app.
  • Turn the Digital Crown to select the friend you want to contact, and the friend’s initials will appear in the center circle.
  • Wait a second or tap the center circle. The friend appears full screen.
  • Tap Digital Touch, and the Digital Touch screen will appear.
  • Tap the Color Picker icon in the upper-right corner. This icon shows the current color. The Color Picker will appear.
  • The circle with the hole indicates the current color.
  • Tap the color you want to use for a tap or a sketch, and the Color Picker will disappear.
  • The Color Picker icon takes on the color you choose.
  • Tap the screen with the pattern of taps you want to send, and a circle will appear briefly for each tap.
  • Tap the Color Picker icon and the Color Picker will appear.
  • Tap the color you want to use, and the Color Picker disappears.
  • Draw with your finger on the screen to create and send a sketch. After a few seconds, the sketch disappears.
  • Place two fingers on the screen to send your heartbeat. Now a heart symbol appears, and then disappears.

Note: To get other colors in the Color Picker, tap the Color Picker icon in the upper-right corner of the screen to display the Color Picker. Tap and hold the current color that you want to change until the color wheel appears. Move the selection circle either by turning the Digital Crown or by dragging with your finger until it shows the color you want. Then tap Done.


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