Siri’s Personality

Siri always follows the same pattern when you use the system. It will always prompt you for input and direction when needed.

How to Understand Siri’s Personality

Activate Sir by pressing and holding the Touch ID/Home button; or by pressing and holding the center part of the buttons on the EarPods; or by saying Hey Siri (if this feature is enabled).

When you here Siri chime, that means that she (Siri is a nice lady, of course) is in listening mode. What can I help you with? text will appear on the screen along with a line at the bottom of the screen that shows each time Siri is hearing you.

Ask Siri a question or speak your command. You’ll see the line at the bottom of the screen oscillate, what means that Siri is hearing your input. You’ll also see as Siri displays at the top of the screen what she is hearing.

As soon as you stop speaking, Siri goes into processing mode, and the line at the bottom will be replaced by a rotating circle. This circle means that Siri is thinking and processing your words. Then she provides two kinds of feedback: your words are displayed on the screen, and Siri provides audible feedback to you (unless you’ve set Siri for Handsfree Only). Siri shows you the outcome.

If Siri needs more input, you’ll be prompted to provide more info. Siri may ask you to confirm the command or to make a selection.

You can tap the Microphone icon at the bottom of the screen, and speak your command. If you want to work with an object Siri created in an associated app, tap the object.

When you are done, you can lock the iPhone or tap the Touch ID/Home button to display the Home screen again or to move to the app you were using.



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