Speeding Up Mail

Large quantities of e-mail can clog up your system really fast. When in your opinion Mail is running slowly try one of the following solutions:

How To Speed Up My Mail

If you follow these tips, you’ll speed up Mail immensely:

  • Clean out regularly your Inbox and your Sent folder. Delete all unnecessary messages, don’t keep hundreds of them in your Inbox if you don’t need these letters.
  • Archive the messages. Archiving them is usually useful if you have messages on a server. Create a new mailbox (you can call it Archive) and drag messages there from a Mailbox. To create the new mailbox, choose Mailbox – New Mailbox.
  • Split Mailboxes. Sometimes you’ll need to keep hundreds of messages in your Mailbox. Why not to create two mailboxes and split messages accordingly?
  • Check for the new messages less frequently. Indeed, checking your Mail less frequently enables the system to perform faster. Choose Mail – Preferences. Then click General. Use the Check for New Messages drop-down menu to ckeck for email every hour or so.
  • Remove recipients: By default, Mail will remember every e-mail address you enter. After a while, this gets clunky. Choose Window – Previous Recipients. Now highlight any recipients you don’t need anymore. Click Remove from List.

Speed: IMAP versus POP

Two main types of e-mail system exist. That’s Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP, for short) and POP (Post Office Protocol). When IMAP is used, all e-mails are stored remotely on the server (some exceptions apply). On POP, the messages are downloaded from the server and stored on your computer (also with few exceptions).

Using POP, you have a speed advantage, as once the messages are downloaded, they can be downloaded instantly. IMAP, on the contrary, depends on how fast your server and network are running. IMAP is very useful, when you need to access your e-mail from more than one device. In this case, the messages are synchronized across iPads, iMacs, iPhones, Apple Watches, MacBooks and so on.

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