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Amazing Situation with Fraud

Amazing Situation with Fraud
Amazing Situation with Fraud

Amazing Situation with Fraud

More about fraud… gentleman wrote to iGotOffer Website in order to sell a recent model of a used iPhone. We calculated that the price of the device was of $500, so the guy packed the smartphone and sent it to us.

When the parcel arrived and was opened, we saw that the box was empty. We contacted the sender without delay asking him if he didn’t forget to pack the phone… He assured us that everything was OK and that the device was duly packed.

We asked the man about the iPhone’s serial number. We asked, as well, if he could send us a photograph of his phone. Yes, the man was happy to comply. He provided us with the serial number and the photo (he claimed that the photo had been taken the same day he sent the device to iGotOffer)…

Well, it did not take long to determine that the iPhone, which the guy claimed as his own, was reported stolen a couple of weeks ago and that the photo was actually taken in Saudi Arabia a year ago. We answered the guy that we never buy stolen or lost devices.

Next step, we contacted the FBI which was on the case, as this law enforcement unit is on these cases. We contacted as well a few Websites, similar to ours, as we usually exchange this type of information even with our competitors, because a solid crime prevention policy is among our most important priorities.

Curiously enough, the skimmer answered to our message the same day, claiming that he was an honest man and that we had stolen his iPhone… The next day, the FBI paid him a friendly visit. They found in his apartment dozens of stolen items and they found even more when they searched the apartments of a couple of friends of his. Now the guy has enough time to think about how he wants to continue his life after he is released from prison. And we are proud to help society be safer.

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