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iPhone Data Roaming Charges: Avoid them!

iPhone Data Roaming Charges: Avoid them!
iPhone Data Roaming Charges: Avoid them!

 iPhone Data Roaming Charges: Avoid them!

iPhone Data Roaming Charges: When you’re using your phone to browse the web, send emails, or check social media, you’re connecting to your phone company’s wireless network.

Generally iPhone users pay a fixed monthly price for their data service. This means that whatever network you’re on in your home country, the price you pay for you data is going to be the same. The price however will be higher when you travel to another country and take your phone with you. In this case, you need to know about iPhone data roaming charges to make sure you don’t run up a bill totaling thousands of dollars by very little data.

Phone companies charge much higher rates for people from other countries accessing their data networks.

Indeed, when you take your smartphone overseas, you’re no longer using the cellular data network belonging to your wireless carrier. Instead, your phone is in data roaming mode. That means you’re not using your usual data plan. In this case you’ll have to pay for each megabyte of data your phone sends or receives.

But is it possible to avoid international iPhone Data Roaming Charges?

Here are a few tips which might help:

1.Turn Off Data Roaming: The best way to make sure you never run the risk of running up iPhone data roaming charges is to turn off your cellular network connection. This is the most important step you can take to save yourself from international data bills. With data roaming turned off, your phone won’t be able to connect to any 4G or 3G data networks. (Other than those in your home country). Certainly you won’t be able to get online or check email (though you should still be able to text). But you won’t run up any bills. To turn off data roaming, do the following: Tap the Settings app on your homescreen. Tap General (if you’re on iOS 7 and higher, skip this step). Or tap Cellular (on iOS 7 and higher) or Network (on iOS 6 and lower);. Move the Data Roaming slider to Off/white.

2.Turn Off All Cellular Data: In its iOS 4 and higher you can now off all cellular data. With that setting on, the only way to connect to the Internet is via Wi-Fi. To turn off cellular data: tap the Settings app. Next tap General (if you’re on iOS 7 or higher, skip this step). Tap Cellular (on iOS 7 and higher) or Network (on iOS 6 and lower). Now slide Cellular Data to Off/white.

This can work in conjunction with, or separately from Step 1 (Turning off Data Roaming). Turning this off means you can’t connect to data networks even in your home country.

In iOS 7, you can decide to let some apps use cellular data and not others. For example, you may what to use a maps app or check for an email (keep in mind though that even just checking email a few times in another country can lead to an extra bill).

If you want to allow some apps to use cellular data when roaming: Tap the Settings app; tap Cellular. In the Use Cellular Data For section, move the sliders to Off/white for the apps you don’t want to use data. Any app whose slider is green will be able to use data, even roaming data.

3.Use Wi-Fi for your connection: When you’re overseas, you may need to get online. To do this without incurring major data roaming costs, use the iPhone’s Wi-Fi connection. For anything you need to do online–from email to web, text messages to apps–if you use Wi-Fi, you’ll save yourself from these extra charges.

4.If you want to keep track of how much data you’ve used while roaming, check Cellular Data Usage, a section right above Use Cellular Data For. The section labeled Current Period Roaming tracks your data use. Scroll to the bottom of the screen. Then tap Reset Statistics before your trip so you start from zero.

5. To avoid iphone data roaming charges, you can get an International Data Package. For this sign up for one of international plans before you leave your home country. Doing so, you’ll avoid exorbitant bills. You may want to use this plan if you expect to need to get online regularly during your trip and you can’t be sure to find an open Wi-Fi network. As you sign up for an international plan, ask the company for specific instructions on using the plan and avoiding additional charges. With this information, there shouldn’t be any surprises when your bill arrives at the end of the month.

What happens if you make a mistake, though? How to deal with a huge bill, if you accidentally run up a $1,000 or even $10,000 data roaming bill while overseas? You’re not necessarily stuck paying that bill. You can try and contest an iPhone data roaming charge.

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 iPhone Data Roaming Charges: Avoid them!

iPhone Data Roaming Charges: Avoid them!

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