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Apple lets Bitcoin onto the iPhone

Bitcoin On iPhone: Apple Lets Bitcoin Back Onto the iPhone

Bitcoin on iPhone: Bitcoin believers should be happy as Apple has announced that the company was developing a new mobile payment system that could come out as soon as possible.

Apple approves now bitcoin wallet apps as it permits bitcoin wallets in its App Store. Before then, it had been a rocky ride for folks who wanted to receive and send bitcoins on their iPhones as in the past Apple dropped popular wallet apps such as Blockchain and Coinbase from the App Store, without even explaining the reasons.

CoinPocket is the first approved app which allows users to sell and buy bitcoins on their iPhone. It was built by Michael Enriquez, an independent software developer from Cleveland, who calls his app a bit of a “resume-builder.”

In spring 2014, Michael Enriquez wrote a Web-based version of CoinPocket. This version could operate with bitcoins on the iPhone. As soon as Apple announced that it would be OK with virtual currencies, the young developer decided to build a full-fledged iOS app, and he submitted CoinPocket for approval, getting the jump on much more popular wallet software. Ten days after Enriquez’s application the app was approved. It usually takes a few hours to get accepted after going into “in Review”, but this time it took a few days, so Apple seems to scrutinize more carefully Bitcoin matters. Enriquez had more than 2,000 downloads just in two first days, which is apparently a good sign for Bitcoin and IPhone enthusiasts.

Bitcoin adepts with iPhones will tell you that Apple blocked Bitcoin apps that allow users to send and receive Bitcoin in the pas (but for some odd reason, a wallet app from Blockchain managed to avoid getting bumped for years. With Blockchain, you could scan QR codes and easily send and receive Bitcoin via mobile. They say that members of the Bitcoin community would tell people to use the app but to keep quiet about it. But finally Apple kicked Blockchain with little explanation from Apple. It said literally: “removed from the App Store due to an unresolved issue”. The situation has changed for the better for both IPhone and Bitcoin followers. Sell iPhone and sell bitcoins is since now just the same.

Bitcoin on iPhone

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Bitcoin on iPhone. Last Wednesday, I stupidly dropped my iPhone in the bath, and my life has sort of spiraled almost out of control (Patrick Stewart, an English film, TV and stage actor). Photo:, bitcoin on iPhone

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