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How to Fix iCloud Music Library Problems

How to Fix iCloud Music Library Problems
How to Fix iCloud Music Library Problems

How to Fix iCloud Music Library Problems

Many Apple Music subscribers complain in these days that an issue with iCloud Music Library is affecting their collections, as when users launching the Music app on iOS, it prompts customers to ‘Join Apple Music’ regardless of subscription status. When people do so, some customers complain that their collections disappear. It seems that Apple’s System Status board hasn’t acknowledged the issue yet.

On iTunes, users see a message ‘Unable to connect to iCloud Music Library’. The message also appears when playing tracks.

One user reported that he had a 13000 song library on his iMac. When he installed some newer versions of iTunes on his iMac, iTunes asked to turn on iCloud Music Library and the user accepted. All of the sudden it started overwriting the album art with completely wrong art on both his iMac and his iPhone, Songs were put in albums randomly and placed where they didn’t belong. Even worse, when he’d click to listen to certain songs, it would play the wrong song/artist.

¬It seems that sometimes force quitting the Music app and relaunching can fix the issue, even though there can be problems with some of the songs in this case. All the metadata, including title and artist can be corrupt. In some cases old albums that user deleted from iTunes Match have suddenly reappear in his or her library as “in the Cloud.”

However there is a is a simple solution and it works instantly :

  • Close iTunes.
  • Go to your iTunes folder
  • Choose a former.itl file from Previous iTunes Libraries. Try to choose the most recent one before the disaster) and drag it into the iTunes folder
  • Rename the messed up .itl to iTunes Library (Corrupt).itl
  • Rename the file that you just dragged in to iTunes Library.itl
  • Open iTunes, and your music library should work perfectly.

In the future, at least until Apple solves the issue, make sure to not accept the requiest for iCloud Music Library if you don’t want this to happen again.

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