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iPhone 8 in Questions and Answers

iPhone 8 questions and answers
iPhone 8 in Questions and Answers

iPhone 8 Questions and Answers

Q: How do you get all this info about the iPhone 8? Apple keeps its new gadgets in secret until the release day.

A: Actually, Apple does not. All this “leaks” which surface now and then on various web sites are carefully orchestrated by the PR department. You don’t really think the security in the world’s best corporation is so poor, do you? But if Apple doesn’t feel like sharing some details, there’re other sources. For example, Apple suppliers, Samsung, Pegatron, Foxconn among them. If you look into what they’ve started to produce recently, you can guess more or less accurately about the new features to come.

Also, Apple likes to patent all the innovation and the patents granted are available on-line by the courtesy of U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Q: OK, I got it. How your guessing works?

A: For instance, in February, 2017 Apple was granted a patent featuring the new “Interactive display panel with IR diodes” Therefore, we can guess more or less accurately, that Apple engineers are going to pull the plug on the capacitive drive ring of the now existing touch sensor and put it under the screen.

Talking about the screen, it’s reported to be of 5.8 inches and feature organic light-emitting diodes, the Asian paper Nikkei reported.

And the to top all this – the leak from Apple in December, 2016. The company documents described three models coming to the market in 2017: D20, D21 and D22. The high-end variant was given the codename “Ferrari” and is to sport a large near edge-to-edge AMOLED panel.

“Ferrari”’s internals are completely redesigned as well with the logic board being split into two discrete units connected by a flex cable. The first board will house iPhone’s operating parts like the expected “A11” SoC and NAND flash storage, while a communications package with Wi-Fi and cellular components will go to a second board. The SIM card tray will therefore go toward the bottom of the handset to make room for internal components, copying the layout of the current iPad Pro.

So, I won’t leap to the conclusion if I assume that the iPhone 8 will get an AMOLED screen with the hidden finger print sensor, and, due to the fact that the sensor is IR powered, the temperature of the finger will also be important. The culprits will fail to cheat the system with a silicone mold.

Q: Are they going to hide everything else behind the screen? I’ve read about concepts with the wrap-around screens.

A: Yes, wrap-around screens have been much rumored about recently, but the grapevine brings that suppliers failed to provide the durable curved glass for the model. Perhaps, it will arrive for the iPhone 9, who knows.

Meanwhile, the flat edge-to-edge screen will conceal the speaker’s grill and the front cam eye all right. Apple patented “Electronic devices having displays with openings“.

The screen according to the patent features microscopic openings to provide the access to the components hidden behind. On the other hand, these openings are too small for a human eye to perceive, so the illusion of the full face will be complete.

By the way, these openings can transfer the acoustic waves greatly and here where the “Acoustic imaging system architecture” comes in handy. Acoustic waves bounce back from the still or moving object and create the profile of it. In our case – the profile of ridges on the finger pad. The dolphins get the picture of the environment the same way. iDolphine – really, what a name!

Q: I like the idea, and I like dolphins, but… A friend of mine got a Surface tablet and this handset has a biometrical recognition system Windows Hello. Will Apple get one for the iPhone?

A: According to many sources, Apple is developing the eye scanning system and has got several patents, but the details of such a system remains obscure. We’re going to look closer into the matter of the secure identification in the modern world.

Q: Well, ok, I’ll do fine with the edge-to-edge screen then. But here’s one small problem: such a screen will drink all the juice in an eye’s wink. What about battery?

A: The battery capacity is not yet revealed, but Apple is working to implement the wireless charging. The real wireless charging. We’ll abuse the courtesy of the Patent Office once more. Welcome the “Wireless Power Utilization in a Local Computing Environment“! The innovation uses the ability of the near-field magnetic resonance to transfer the electricity to the low-energy devices. Apple has even hired the uBeam company that develops the technology, but as for this year, I guess, we’ll do with traditional wireless charging. It has go on with the glass back cover and some experts believe, engineers will have to add a thin graphite film to avoid overheating.

Q: Wait, are they going to ditch the power socket as well?!

A: Yeah, Apple haters will have their own special X-mas then! It’s very likely. Very. In a couple of years, that is. The technology needs some honing.

Q: What about internal storage capacity and RAM?

A: 3GB of RAM as in iPhone 7 and two storages, that’s for sure. The amount of storage is yet to be revealed, but around 128GB, considering that iPhones won’t support the memory cards.

Q: Well, I think, I’m going to get rid of my iPhone 8, say, around next Spring. Will it be a good deal then?

A: We’ll be only happy to give you the best quote for your iPhone 8. Bookmark our page!

Update added on June 18, 2017:

If you’ve worried that you are going to smash your iPhone’s 7 display, the iPhone 8 will have twice as much glass for you to worry about. According to new photos of what are claimed to be iPhone 8 parts, the rear panel of the iPhone 8, along with the 4.7-inch iPhone 7s and the 5.5-inch iPhone 7s Plus, will use glass instead of metal. This new approach will allow Apple to bring wireless charging to its smarphone.

In addition, the iPhone 8’s front panel will feature a thin screen bezel with a space at the top of the display for a microphone, speaker and a front-facing camera.

No Touch ID sensor hole is present in the front glass, suggesting that Apple will be switching to a fingerprint sensor that’s embedded into the display. The vertically-aligned dual-camera will be placed in the middle of the rear panel of the iPhone 8, made entirely of glass.

This leak might be a fake, as many case manufacturers are trying to discover as early as possible the new design, nevertheless, current wireless charging technology doesn’t work through metal, so it is highly likely that the next iPhone will switch from a metal back to glass just to simplify the wireless charging.

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