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How To Replace Your iPhone Battery in 2 Minutes

iPhone Battery Batteries That Keep On Going and Going
How To Replace Your iPhone Battery in 2 Minutes

How To Replace Your iPhone Battery in 2 Minutes

One of the most successful, if not the most successful smartphones is the iPhone. From its first appearance on the market, to today’s latest models, the iPhone captures the interest of consumers like no other electronic device.

Personally, I have an iPhone 5, I really like this phone, which is why I am not, as of yet, going for the iPhone 6. The only problem was the battery. I don’t know if it’s because I failed to calibrate it or charged it too much and too often, or simply because the smartphone is fairly old, but it stopped working. I would charge it to a 100% and two hours later the battery was low. I thought I would have to buy a new phone altogether, but luckily I found another solution.

I simply bought a replacement battery kit at Amazon and replaced my battery. The item I used was the ScandiTech Replacement Battery for iPhone 5. A complete repair pack and a complete replace set with 3.8V 1440 mAh Li-ion Battery. The package came with tools and instructions and it works with all iPhone 5 models (except 5S/5C). You can change or fix your battery in 15 Minutes and there’s a 1 year warranty. Ah, yes, they were delivered in three days.

No particular technical skills required, I simply replaced the battery and my phone has been working perfectly well since then.

Well, compared to $80 cost for battery replacement for my out-of-warranty iPhone 5 they quoted when I brought it to the nearest Apple Store, this was a real gift and I’ll certainly will continue to buy these batteries in the future. My question is however will they work for next iPhone generation? Anyway, if not, not a big problem though with these prices.­

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