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iPhone and business solutions

iPhone as business solutions
iPhone and business solutions

iPhone and business solutionsBusinesses have a variety of options for managing iPhone. Whether smartphones are employee-owned or company‑owned, users appreciate the simplicity of setup and ease of use of that iOS devices.

Actually iOS supports integration of the most popular corporate communication systems. Direct connection with mail servers like Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino via Exchange ActiveSync as well as IMAP servers provides users with reliable access to email, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes. Apple iOS supports calendar access through CalDAV and corporate directory access via CardDAV and LDAP.

Third-party server-based mobile device management (MDM) solutions offer an efficient way to enroll, configure, and manage large quantities of iOS devices. These solutions work in concert with the built-in MDM framework in iOS which framework enables MDM servers to contact devices on demand. The process doesn’t affect performance or battery life. However, before deploying a critical mass of iOS devices, IT should evaluate a solution that fit the needs of the organization.

iOS makes it easy for iPhone to connect securely to a company’s network with built-in support for industry-standard wireless network protocols and VPN services. Indeed, iPhone users access corporate data behind the firewall with the built-in VPN client in iOS and third-party SSL VPN apps on the App Store.

Even more, Wi-Fi access for enterprises is supported by WPA2-Enterprise and 802.1X authentication. Features like Automatic Wi-Fi Login and Persistent Wi-Fi make the process of joining known networks and staying connected easy whether users are in the office or on the road.

iOS makes it simple for employees to set up their iPhone right out of the box, without requiring help from IT. Users can activate their device, configure basic settings, and start working right away, because iOS Setup Assistant empowers them to get up and running in minutes without the technology getting in the way.  For organizations with large-scale deployments, this means a faster start to productivity across the board and more time for IT to focus on other technical projects.

Beyond basic settings, users can customize their iPhone with personal preferences like language, location services, iCloud, Siri, Find My iPhone…

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