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Microsoft Surface Book i7: Cinderella

Microsoft Surface Book i7: Сinderella
Microsoft Surface Book i7: Cinderella

Microsoft Surface Book i7: Microsoft’s Cinderella

In the event of the 26th of October Surface Book i7 played a Сinderella’s part. Transfixed with Surface Studio brilliant debut, the public took no heed of the hybrid. And that’s a pity, for Surface Book 2 is a dazzling tablet-laptop, which can to cast a long shadow on the new MacBook. Microsoft is confident enough to launch the trade-in program “You can’t do that on a Mac”.

Let’s have a closer look to the hybrid. Microsoft stayed with the 6th generation of Intel processors – Skylake, but opted for the top i7 configuration. This is even reflected in the Surface Book name. Like a real Сinderella, Surface Book has no name or moniker of its own, but just a simple i7 added to the brand name.

Surface Book i7 was designed for high performance graphic tasks in mind, for engineers, designers and artists. The touchscreen therefore is the primary input option for Surface Book i7. The hybrid supports not only Surface Pen, but also Surface Dial – the new Microsoft manipulator – thanks to Microsoft proprietary technology PixelSenseTM. The hybrid is capable to run SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, AutoCAD Revit, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

This feature is backed up with 16 hours of battery life, but this one is measured in video playback, so it’s unclear, how long an engineer can work with it.

Microsoft promises 1080p gaming support as well and even included wireless gaming controls support, but here we should wait for first feedback from real gamers, because static graphics like in AutoCAD is no rival to hi-res dynamic scenes in modern games. It may require a bit more than the mobile class video card.

All this hardware is housed within the detachable keyboard now branded Performance Base. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t plan to upgrade or sell the hybrid crucial part independently from the display.

Surface Book i7’s flexibility remains the same. Flexible dynamic hinge labeled Fulcrum, two options for display lock-on: notebook style and flipped 180 degrees. The hybrid can be folded the way a paper notebook is for quick sketching. Thus Surface Book i7 can be used as a tablet with the Performance Base still attached, losing nothing of the hybrid power and performance.

The only disadvantage of the new gadget is the price. It starts well over $2,000 and the top configuration – over $3,000. Microsoft offers a discount for students and editorial employees, but it’s still a lot of money to shell out.

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Microsoft Surface Book i7: СinderellaMicrosoft Surface Book i7. Credit photo:

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