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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs Unveiled

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs Unveiled
Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs Unveiled

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs Further Unveiled

And some more speculations about what we may or may not see on the 26th of October.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be presented to public on October, 26, 2016, sources confirmed. Its specs are also unveiled. The list of features includes Kaby Lake processor, USB Type C-Port in a tablet casing and not in ‘blade’ keyboard, 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage and Rechargeable Surface Pen.

Microsoft is already cutting down the prices for Surface Pro 4, which is still one of the most desirable tablets, as well as for Surface Pro 3 and Surface Book.

It’s a high time to sell your old Surfaces to us to pool up some money for the Surface 5 when it hits the stores!

Yet, some insiders doubt the fifth gen of Surface tablet will be a great departure in design as well as in engineering. New tablets are likely to run under Windows 10 Redstone 2, that’s due in March of 2017 and have an enhanced version of Windows Hello ID integrated in Edge browser, but these are for now just rumors.

Still, Kaby Lake and soft-powered features are the only chance for Surfaces to stand out from numerous tablets, because even Chinese B-brands now boast 8 GB RAM and C-ports for more reasonable prices.

Among other new gadgets we should mention much awaited Cortana powered Home Hub – a crossbreed of Apple Time Capsule and Amazon’s Echo with Alexa digital assistant – and much awaited Windows All-in-One PC.

Some Final Notes

Here is what has to say about all this (and we quote):

After years of development, Microsoft finally delivered the goods with the Surface Pro 4 in 2015. Equipped with robust processing power, a perfectly sized display and just-right aspect ratio, and a few add-on accessories, the current generation solidified the Surface’s position as the gold standard for Windows tablets. Then with the arrival of Windows 10, that which blemished all previous Surface models – an inelegant operating system – was finally replaced by a solid OS that could fulfill the potential of its form factor.

In fact, in a surprising turn, the Surface line has become something of a category trailblazer. Apple’s iPad Pro and Google’s Pixel C have lately borrowed envelope-pushing features like the Surface’s snap-on keyboard and multitasking chops. Who saw that coming back when the Surface debuted back in 2012…

Since then, Microsoft extended its innovation tear. In October 2016, it updated its first-ever laptop, the competent Surface Book, with a higher-end edition, the Surface Book i7, which delivers increased power and battery life. And it also unveiled the $2,999 Surface Studio – a desktop PC for artists and designers in need of high-end horsepower and display. It also has the $100 Surface Dial accessory, a touch-friendly dial designed to sit beside your keyboard for fine contextual controls in whatever program you’re using.

All of these innovations are just stoking the fires of the Internet rumor mill, generating speculation about what novelties Microsoft will debut with the next Surface Pro. Though there is so far precious little in the way of official detail, we’ll use this space to collect the news, predictions, and rumors about the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 as they emerge.

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