Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface Studio Waves Off Desktops

Microsoft Surface Studio Waves Off Desktops
Microsoft Surface Studio Waves Off Desktops

Microsoft Surface Studio Waves Off Desktops

Microsoft All-in-One is here! And as the first iMac it is meant to change the world of desktops as we knew it.
Meet Surface Studio – the first ever tablet-and-desktop.

The ultra-thin touch display on two chromium reflective supports with revised Zero Gravity adjustable hinges, mounted on a box-shaped base. Everything is meant to dissolve in the environment, leaving just the display to look at. With resolution of 4500 x 3000 and 192 ppi Microsoft promises we won’t be able to discern a single pixel no matter the distance from we watch the screen. You can either use it as a display or lower it down and use it as a tablet. Or an album sheet, for Microsoft Studio is meant for artist, illustrators and designers. It’s top features are True Color and True Scale. With True Color you can render the world as it is. With True Scale – you can measure it as it is. The one inch on the screen matches the one inch in reality.

Another jaw-dropping feature of the Surface Studio is the Surface Dial. It’s a new manipulator with a haptic feedback engine that can be used either on a table or on the screen. Microsoft engineers have further developed the PixelSense technology first introduced in Surface 2, that could recognize real object put on it. When put on the screen, Surface Dial can change color palette and creative soft menu options working like a real dial. It is back compatible with Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.

Creative software is very hardware consuming and Microsoft engineers have seen to it, too. With 1 TB or 2 TB hybrid drive you can be assured that you’ll have enough storage space for your project. And with at least 8 GB of RAM your system will never lag. Just to be on the safe side, you may opt for the top model with 32 GB of RAM.

The bad news is, Microsoft stayed with Skylake processors instead of the much rumored Kaby Lake, but dropped i3 iterations of it. Surface Studio is powered with i5 and i7 only. There is no USB 3.1 and USB-type C, just USB 3.0. Obviously, Microsoft concentrated on PixelSense possibilities and didn’t pay much attention to connectivity issues. Nowadays, when even budget laptops sport USB type C this is rather strange solution.
Surface Studio supports Microsoft security system Windows Hello and has a face sign-in camera aboard to complement the front and the rear HD webcams.

The new Microsoft product we saw today is meant primarily to artists and designers, it’s no home entertainment center, thought it supports wireless Xbox controls (as much as four of them). Its target determines the price: Surface Studio will be available for $2,999.

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