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Paragon Software: building bridges between your Mac and Windows
Paragon Software

Paragon Software

Building Bridges Between Your Mac and Windows

As you probably know or not the file system format on Mac and PC are different and that’s why you are having issues to transfer data from your Mac to your friend’s USB stick or external hard-drive. On MAC the file system format is called HFS, whereas on PC it’s called NTFS. NTFS has no support by Apple. So, how to access NTFS from MAC?

The answer is Paragon software. Unfortunately the program is not free, but if you use it, you’ll never have that problem anymore! You can download it from here.

According to Paragon, NTFS for Mac OS X is a low level file system driver specially developed to bridge incompatibility of Windows and Mac OS X by providing full read/write access to any version of the NTFS file system (Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista) under Mac OS X. Based on the Paragon UFSD (Universal File System Driver) technology our driver enables to provide fast and transparent access to NTFS partitions as Mac OS X native, thus achieving an unprecedented high level of performance (the same as for HFS Plus and in some cases even better). Mac OS X programs can process such partitions without any restrictions browse contents, read and  modify files, copy and create new files and folders, etc. Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X comes in one universal binary edition including a standard DMG disk image with an installation package to automatically substitute the Mac OS X default driver (read only) for Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X.

According to many users’ reviews, this product does what it says. When you install NTFS, you will be able to begin working with NTFS disk drives. Since many users have a number of Windows drives around, this installation lets them access all the drives from the Macintosh without any changing of the format. Some users state that when the continue to need to share drives between Macs and Windows computers, FAT32 won’t allow the large file sizes that the user sometimes encounters. However NTFS for Mac has solved the problem.

The product installs as a background utility so once it is installed you never have to think about it again. From this moment on you can bring large video files back and forth between clients that work on Windows or Mac. In one word, if you need to write files larger than 5 gigs and they need to be accessed on a drive that must be used by Mac and Windows you need this.

Finally keep in mind, that when you buy Paragon NTFS to support the boot camp partition on your Mac, it will work like a charm for Tiger or Leopard, transparently allowing you to access to the boot camp partition so you didn’t have to worry about where your files are or rebooting just to access one of them. But once you move to Snow Leopard,  you’d rather have to upgrade to the latest version. Paragon provided a path for a discount upgrade for this case, and if you need access to files on a dual boot Mac, this is the way to go. Inexpensive and fully supported.

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