Phone White Screen

iPhone White Screen


Despite the iPhone being one of the best Smartphones, it has its problems. For example, Apple users have reported white screen (what some people call the white screen of death). In this case iPhone turn white with nothing on the screen, not even the Apple logo. Fortunately, there are different ways how to do this.

Sometimes the problem can be solved by turning off the phone, by pressing the “Hold” button at the top right of the phone. When the red slider appears on the screen, slide it to turn the phone off for a few minutes, and then press the “Hold” button again to turn on the phone. In most cases, after this you will be able to see the Apple logo on the white screen.

If turning the iPhone on and off doesn’t solve the problem, another way to resolve the iPhone white screen problem is to reset the device. To reset the iPhone, press “Home” button together with the “Hold” button. If you do it right, the iPhone will start flashing. While it flashes, the Apple logo will also appear. This means that your phone is restarting.

One of the root causes of the white screen issue is corrupted data. You can solve this by restoring the backup data on the iPhone. However, doing so, you will lose any data or messages you currently have on your phone, and it it will be replaced by the backup data. To restore your data, plug in your iPhone to your computer and it will automatically sync your phone and restore the backup data.

You can use the Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) to restore your phone. To do this, you must work with the screen off while you downgrade or upgrade your phone. Press the “Hold” and “Home” button together for 15 seconds. After this, let go of the “Hold” button while continuing to press the “Home” button for another 10 seconds. You will hear a beep indicating your phone is recognized as a USB device. Then you can start restoring your phone.

Another method to solve the white screen problem is to jailbreak your phone. After you download and install free jailbreak software, connect the iPhone to your PC and launch the software. Follow the prompt in the software interface until you jailbreak the device. Then restore your phone and fix the problems related to the white screen.

The white screen is sometimes caused by software or blue screen of death (BSOD) issues. You can resolve this by pressing the “Sleep” or “Wake” and “Hold” buttons of your phone simultaneously for ten seconds. The Apple logo will appear in a black background indicating to plug your device into iTunes. It will turn on and you can start by clicking the “Restore” button. Then click “Restore and Update.”

You can use a firmware file to solve the problem: download the right firmware file for your device and connect your phone to the computer. Select your iPhone found in the “Summary” tab, hold down “Shift,” and click “Update.” Select the firmware file you have downloaded and click “Open” and then “Restore.” The firmware will boot your phone and allow you to restore it as a new device or from the backup file.

Certainly, when all else fails, bring your iPhone it to the Apple tech support where they can fix it. If your phone is still under warranty, there is a possibility that Apple will replace it with a new phone, or at least you will be able to have it fixed for free. If the warranty has expired, you’ll have to pay.

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