Shipment Guidelines for Sending Your Items

We offer free shipping for the old electronics their owners have decided to sell us online. The process of shipment is really easy but a few detailed guidelines will not hurt anybody. So how do you proceed if you want to send us your device and get top cash for that item? Let's explain the process step by step... And here we go:

Question: How Does the Process Go?

As soon as you select the type and model of the item you would like to sell online on our Website, you answer a few simple questions about its specifications and condition of the device. Once you specify these details, you get an instant free quote for your item. Then, you add your e-mail address, your physical address and choose the method of payment. Now, we email you our pre-paid shipping label, which will serve you as a proof of payment for the package you intend to send us. Thus, you will not pay for the shipping, as the shipping label itself is the proof of the payment.With this shipping label printed you just show it in the post office, attach it to the package and send the item to iGotOffer. That's all.

Question: But What Is a Shipping Label?

Briefly, it is a piece of paper on which your order is specified. The label acts as a proof of payment and it confirms that the shipping has been paid by our company. When you send the package to iGotOffer.com, you just attach the shipping label to the package (the employees at both UPS and FedEx will help you at the moment of shipping the package). The shipping label also serves as a reference number for your order, as we will identify your item by the number which appears on the shipping label (it is composed of a row of digits preceded by the letter IGO, something like IGO-111111).

Question: Can I Use Any Shipment Company or Just a Certain One You Offer?

You may use any company you wish, however, when you complete the process of selling online your item (type and model, technical specifications, condition of your item, your address and preferred method of payment), you will be given a choice between UPS and FedEx services, as we prepay their services. As soon as you choose one of these companies, we will email you a shipping label which you will use to send us the package. In this case, you will not pay for the shipping, as the shipping label itself is the proof of the payment. However, if you choose another company, you will have to pay for the shipping. In this case, just put the shipping label inside the box, as the label will serve as a reference number for your order.

Question: What About the Original Box? Must the Number on the Box Match the Serial Number of the Device I Sell?

Well, actually we perfectly understand that generally people don't keep boxes. We don't compare the item received with the numbers or models as stated on the box. So the box doesn't matter, but please remember that the package must be convenient so your item is not damaged.

Question: Do You Also Pay for Insurance of the Package?

Yes, your package is fully insured by us. Keep in mind that the item you send us must be packaged properly in order to ensure that your package arrives safely and on time. The insurance will be declared void if the packaging guidelines and procedures developed by UPS and FedEx are not respected. You can read more about the packaging guidelines here on ups.com (these are UPS guidelines, but the FedEx guidelines will be basically the same). Please keep the proof of the shipment.

Question: Is It Ok if I Choose a More Expensive Delivery for 1 day Shipment Arrival?

Well, you can choose a more expensive delivery, but you will have to pay for it, as our shipping label does not cover 1 day shipment arrival. If, however, you choose the 1 day shipment (for example, your company has a contract with another service provider), we kindly ask you to put the shipping label inside the box, as we will use this label as a reference number for the item you sold to our company.

Should I Use a Box or Will Be an Envelope Enough?

Definitely, a box. Not an envelope! You can read UPS and FedEx Packaging Rules and Tips (see links below) for the complete guidelines. But while boxing your item, make sure the box is sturdy. It may be better to pack your gadgets in two boxes for good measure. If you still have the box your tablet was sold to you, that will be great, but if this is not the option, make sure the box you put your desktop in is larger enough than the computer in height, length, and width. Don’t forget to insulate your device with bubble wrap, foam inserts, or tightly-wadded kraft paper. Polystyrene "packing peanuts" or other types of loose-fill packaging won’t do: they create static electricity and won't secure your tablet from sliding around. The gadget should not shift inside the box at all. Seal the first box with a tape and put in in another box, then seal this one two. Better safe – never sorry.

Question: What About Additional Links that May Help?

You can read about the process on our FAQ page and on the About Us page.

(Please respect these guidelines so that we could claim the insurance in the case your item gets lost on the way).

If you still have questions about packaging and shipping your device, do not hesitate to ask us, sending an email to cs@igotoffer.com. Thank you, we appreciate your interest in iGotOffer.com, and we hope to see you among our customers. We will be happy to help you to get rid of your old electronics and help with your family budget!

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