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Chromebook for School

Chromebook for School
Chromebook for School

Chromebook for School

Chromebook for school: May be the Best Laptop as a classroom computer

It’s no wonder that Chromebook has become very popular in classrooms, and that’s why:

Chromebooks don’t cost much and work well. No setup is needed for this device, as user can log in with their Google account. Google claims that using its device in school requires 70 percent less effort to deploy more than 90% less time to manage Chromebooks over Apple iPads or Windows laptops.

Chromebook’s boot-up time is less than ten seconds.

Chromebooks are automatically kept up to date for free (no need for manual downloads), and it has built-in protection, so you’ll always have the latest virus protection, and multiple layers of security, along with the features like Voice Search. Thanks to offline apps, like Google Docs and Gmail, users keep getting stuff done even when they are disconnected from the web. They can write answers to their e-mails, read e-books, edit documents, listen to music and watch movies without any Wi-Fi signals.

Thus Chromebooks is just as productive when you are off-line as when you are using Mac OS, Windows desktop, Linux and so on without an Internet connection.

If your Chromebook for school is stolen, as happens in every school, and it contains your child’s school work, all the data is safe. Indeed, by default all papers and notes are safe on the Google cloud. Besides, Google has made it easy to disable stolen Chromebooks. This makes it useless for any thief.

Let’s note that the long-life battery is one of the features, you can leave your charger at home.

As to apps, Google offers a suite of programs just for schools, Google Apps for Education Suite; class-specific ChromeOS and Android apps, Google Play for Education, and so on.

Finally, let’s remind you that might want to consider getting a used Chromebook instead of a new one. When considering a used Chromebook, you should know that getting rid of personal information and resetting a Chromebook is a snap. Whoever logs into the Chromebook next is its new primary owner. That means you can trust a used Chromebook to not have malware hiding on it.

True, Chromebooks don’t come with much storage. However Chromebooks store almost all your data on Google Drive. And whenever you buy a new Chromebook, you get two years of at least 100GBs of free Google Drive storage.

You also can’t run Adobe Photoshop, Windows PC or Mac specific programs on a Chromebook. You can, however, run Microsoft Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, such as Office 365, in a Chromebook. But there is currently an Adobe beta version of Photoshop for Chromebooks, Project Photoshop Streaming. You can run Windows or Mac OS X from your Chromebook with programs such as Chrome Remote Desktop or Chrome RDP. You can also run them from your Chromebook with Citrix Receiver. If you have a Linux desktop, you can run Chrome OS and Linux at the same time on your Chromebook with Crouton.

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Chromebook for School

Chromebook for School

Asus Chromebook for school. Source of the photograph: Google Chromebook

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